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Kaidi KDSS86FT 400℃ 1/2'' PF Rotary Paddle Level Switch

Kaidi KDSS86FT 400℃ 1/2'' PF Rotary Paddle Level Switch
Petrochemical industry, metallurgy, building materials, chemical industry, food
Process Temperature:
Contact capacity
SPDT 250VAC/ 10A
Power supply
1 rpm
Insulation V.
1500V in 1 minute
Specific gravity
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Rotary Paddle Level Switch  is a level controller for solid materials (including powder, block, granular, gel, etc.). The motor drives the blade to rotate. When the measured medium reaches the blade position, the blade is blocked and stops rotating, thereby triggering the micro switch to output the switch signal. When the measured medium descends away from the blade, the blade returns to the original position and continues to rotate under the action of the spring. The tension of the spring can be adjusted according to the specific gravity of the measured medium, and the spring with the material ratio is adjusted to the strongest, and vice versa.

The Rotary Paddle Level Switch has been widely used in the chemical, plastic, cement, pharmaceutical, feed, food and other industries.


Power source110/220VAC/24VDC
Contact capacitySPDT 250VAC/ 10A
Speed1 rpm
Insulation V.1500V in 1 minute
Specific gravity>=0.5g/cm3
Temperature 100°C

A unit is usually located through a bin wall at the top, middle or low level of a bin. During normal operation (no material present) a synchronous motor rotates the paddle at 1 RPM. When this paddle rotation is impeded by material, surrounding the paddle, motor will stall and cause the Micro switch to change state. (Indicating an alarm or control) 

The torque spring is applied to adjust the output torque of the shaft, which is set at “weak” position at factory, it is adjustable for target measuring material S.G.(special gravity), if the measured material with higher S.G., please try to release it to more stronger spring force position until you found the proper orientation.

The paddle sensitivity will be interacted by weaker, otherwise, the low S.G. material will release torque spring to the weakest position, which will cause the paddle performance to be more sensitive.

Note: the torque force should not be adjusted during test, avoiding the error check signal.


Make sure the supplying voltage is same as the specifications. Wrong voltage will damage the sensor.


To avoid personal injury, DO NOT remove the housing cover after supplying the power. If you will touch any solder joints and terminals, you may receive an electric shock.

Please check that the shaft and the paddle is bended or is damaged; Please check the connect between the shaft and the paddle; Do cleaning the shaft and the paddle timely.

When do installing or maintenance, open the device only after the power source is off.

Please side mount the switch by inclined 15°~20° to decrease the material inflowing impact; The wiring entry face downward, avoid the rain permeate into housing body.

Side and top mounting: KDSS86/KDSS86F/KDSS86FT/KDSS11/KDSS86M/KDSS86MT

Top mounting only: KDSS20/KDSS86G/KDSS86GT

1ProblemNo output signal while the paddle rotates normally 
ReasonCheck the material gravity, the paddle size doesn’t fit for the material 
SolutionsReplace with suitable paddle 
2ProblemThe paddle is distortion or the shaft is bended
ReasonThe inflowing impact force of the material is too big 
SolutionsThe paddle and the shaft should be protected
3ProblemThe paddle doesn’t rotate 
Reason1the power source isn’t on 2the motor is S: damaged
Solutions1check the power wiring  2replace the motor

Please check and confirm the following data:

Voltage: 24 VDC, 110/220/250VAC, 50/60Hz.

Side or top mounting

Material specific gravity (S.G.)

Paddle size: suitable to enter into the flange inlet

Thank you for purchasing this product. First, it is essential that this manual be read and understood before installation and start-up. For daily operation such and maintenance and troubleshooting, please refer to our INSTALLATION MANUAL.

Specifications are subject to change without any obligation on the part of the manufacturer. 

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