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kaidi KDYFLJ-B throttling device integrated standard orifice plate flowmeter

kaidi KDYFLJ-B throttling device integrated standard orifice plate flowmeter
Liquid, gas, steam, mixed phase flow
Measuring Range:
15 mm ≤ DN ≤ 1200mm
0.5 grade
Process Pressure:
PN ≤ 42MPa
Process Temperature:
-50℃≤ t ≤ 550℃
Process Connection:
Flange Clamping Type/Flange Pipe Type/Flange Butt Welding Type
Outer Covering:
Can be selected according to the measurement medium
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KDYFLJ-B series standard orifice plate flowmeter strictly implement the standard documents GB/T 2624 and ISO5167 design and manufacture, has been maturely applied to liquids, gases, steam, part of the mixed-phase flow (gas-solid, gas-liquid, liquid-solid) and other flow measurement. Standard orifice plate flowmeter is to measure the flow of differential pressure generating device with a variety of differential pressure meter or differential pressure transmitter can measure the flow of various fluids in the pipeline. Standard orifice plate flowmeter throttling device including standard ring chamber orifice plate, nozzle and so on. When the pipeline is filled with fluid, flow through the pipeline throttle device, the flow beam will be in the throttle device throttle parts at the formation of local contraction, thus increasing the flow rate, static pressure is low, so in the throttle before and after the pressure drop, that is, the pressure difference, the greater the flow rate of the media flow, in the throttle parts before and after the difference in pressure generated by the larger, so the orifice plate flowmeter can be measured through the measurement of the pressure difference in order to measure the magnitude of the fluid flow rate. This measurement method is based on the law of energy conservation and the law of continuity of flow as a benchmark. Standard orifice plate flowmeter is a collection of flow, temperature, pressure detection function in one, and can be temperature, pressure automatic compensation of a new generation of flowmeter, standard orifice plate flowmeter adopts advanced microcomputer technology and micro-power consumption of new technology, strong function, compact structure, simple operation, easy to use. Standard orifice plate flowmeter according to the connection can be divided into flange clamping type, pipe flange type, pipe butt welding type, according to customer needs can be accompanied by root valve, condenser, three valves, differential pressure transmitter.

KDYFLJkaidi throttling device
Throttling deviceBStandard orificeQRound hole plate
PBalance orifice/adjustment orificeGWedge
VV coneZnozzle
XFlow-limiting orifice (not used with metering, only used for current limiting or pressure reduction)WVenturi
Caliber-XX pipe diameter is expressed by Arabic numerals, for example, DN100mm can be expressed as -100
Pressure-1.61.0 1.6 2.0 2.5 4.0 6.3 6.3 or more
Pressure taking methodFFlange pressure (flange to clamp type)
JAngle connection pressure (flange to clamp type)
DRing type pressure (flange to clamp type)
HLine spacing pressure (pipeline integrated)
Flange formWNButt welding flange with neck
SWPlate socket welding flange
Flange materialCCarbon steel
TOther materials
Throttle materialP304
TOther materials
Attachment0NOYPressure transmitter (pressure compensation)
LCondenserJFlow meter Totalizer
FPressure valveCDifferential pressure transmitter
SThree valve groupTother
WPT100 (temperature compensation)

KAIDI Sensor,which is a professional level transmiter manufacturer with 20 years of experiences, is dedicated inproviding complete customized solutions for a wide range of industrial automation process applications --inmaterial level, liquid flow, pressure and temperature. We are constantly developing and innovating, our core vision“to provide solutions that exceed customers' expectations.

In 2012, the company successfully expanded its operations both locally and interationally, achieving globalsuccess and recognition for quality fork type level switch, rotary level switch, magnetic level gauges products andservices.

With emphasis placed on customer satisfaction, innovation, product development and overall businesstransformation, the company continued to innovate and expand with each passing year. As a level indicatormanufacturer, KAIDI Sensor has successfully achieved global recognition, obtaining the leading position as Asia'stop process automation sensor and level gauge manufacturers. These were implemented successfully, and KaidiSensors products,such as rotary level sensor and Level Indicator, can be used in many different industries suchas food & beverage, water, energy, pharmaceutical etc. In the past 5 years, the company has undergonetremendous growth and development - flourishing internationally and providing customers worldwide with thebest customized solutions for process automation




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