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Kaidi KD HRS400 Ultrasonic Level Meter IP65 used in electric power

Kaidi KD HRS400 Ultrasonic Level Meter IP65 used in electric power

Kaidi KD HRS400 Ultrasonic Level Meter IP65 used in electric power
  • Kaidi KD HRS400 Ultrasonic Level Meter IP65 used in electric power
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Kaidi KD HRS400 Ultrasonic Level Meter IP65 used in electric power
electric power, metallurgy, and petroleum. Chemical, food, water treatment, paper making and general corrosive liquid
Measuring Range:
Protection Grade:
Process Temperature:
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Outer Covering:
3-wire 4~20mA
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HRS400 ultrasonic level gauge is a non-contact, low-cost and easy-to-install level gauge. It applies advanced aerospace technology to the general livelihood industry. Unlike ordinary level gauges, ultrasonic level gauges have more restrictions. The products are durable and durable, simple in appearance, single and reliable in function, and are used in electric power, metallurgy, and petroleum. Chemical, food, water treatment, paper making and general corrosive liquid level measurement.


1. Large measuring range, high precision and low energy consumption;

2. Non-contact measurement, no moving parts;

3. It can measure liquids and solids;

4. Adopt scientific echo tracking algorithm to effectively capture the true echo;

5. The internal temperature compensation (speed, frequency) makes the measurement more accurate and reliable;

6. Analog quantity, switch output;

7. The measurement is not affected by the liquid density and the electrical characteristics of the material;

8. Severe fluctuations or foam liquid have no effect on the measurement;

9. Electronic equipment can be replaced without opening the tank


Material level measurement

Distance measurement

Storage capacity indicator

 Differential measurement

 Pump control


The working principle of the ultrasonic level meter is that the ultrasonic pulse from the transmitting head meets the surface of the measured medium and is reflected back, and part of the reflected echo is received by the same transmitting head and converted into an electrical signal. The time interval required for the ultrasonic pulse is proportional to the distance from the transmitting head to the surface of the medium. The relationship between the distance value S and the speed of sound C and the transmission time T can be shown in the table: S=CT/2

ModelShell materialProcess connectionRangeInlet specificationsAmbient temperatureOutputProtection level
HRS400Engineering plasticsG2‘’0.3-10mM20XP1.5-40~803-wire 4~20mAIP65


Connection port specification: G2’’

Wire inlet specification: M20*P1.5

Measuring medium: liquid/powder

 Working voltage (V): 20~36

 Voltage drop (V): <3.5

 Reverse polarity protection: yes

Overload protection: Yes

 Temperature compensation: yes

 Automatic synergistic calibration: yes

 Watchdog: Yes

 Current consumption (mA): 50

 Accuracy/deviation (%): ±0.1%

 Minimum resolution (mm): 1

 Output response time (S): 1.5

 Output mode: three-wire, 4~20mA output

The maximum output load of the switch (mA): 400

 Analog output load (ohm): 4~20mA, maximum value (Ub-10V) *50

 Switch output characteristics: (1) can be set to normally open and normally closed (2) can be set to PNP output or NPN output (3) can be set to SP point and RP point

 Ambient temperature (): -40~80

 Storage temperature (): -40~80

 Insulation resistance (MΩ): >100 (1500VDC)

 Shell material: aluminum alloy, ABS, PA+GF

 Probe frequency (KHz): 50

 Launch angle: <15

 Range (m): 0.3~10

Blind area (cm): 30


Display panel

Introduction to the functions of the panel buttons

The function of the DIP switch No. 1 DIP switch: switch value is normally open/normally closed, switch to A for normally closed; No. 2 dip switch: PNP/NPN output switch, switch to A for NPN

Key function: SET key: menu item selection: LEARN key: learning parameter value

Function of output indicator light When the switch quantity has output, the light will be on. The light will be off when there is no output

The communication interface is not used in this version, this terminal will be used in future upgrade versions


Please Send Us your Application details

Measuring range , medium, Installation method (flange, thread), Pressure range, Remote transmitter, Level alarm switch

Our technical team will check your specifications and make a best solution for you.


More  Model available for all appication, different termperture and pressure!

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