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Kaidi KD NL200 RF Admittance Level Switch IP65 for particles

Kaidi KD NL200 RF Admittance Level Switch IP65 for particles

Kaidi KD NL200 RF Admittance Level Switch IP65 for particles
  • Kaidi KD NL200 RF Admittance Level Switch IP65 for particles
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Kaidi KD NL200 RF Admittance Level Switch IP65 for particles
as fly ash, particles, powder, liquid, viscous, conductive, and non-conductive materials
Protection Grade:
Process Pressure:
Process Temperature:
Process Connection:
Outer Covering:
Heavy duty cast aluminum housing
Power supply
220VAC or 24VDC
Signal output
relay output
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RF Admittance is one of the most versatile technologies being used today in a wide range of point level applications. This technology is excellent for total product level and is also uniquely suited for differentiating the interface between insulating and conducting liquids.The NL2000 radio frequency admittance level switch is a replacement product of the capacitive level switch, which solves the problem of material adhesion and has higher system stability than other similar products. Even under extremely harsh site conditions, rf admittance level measurement can work reliably without being affected by changes in material hanging, temperature, pressure, material density, humidity, and even material chemical properties.The main function of a admittance type level switch is to determine whether a material or liquid reaches a certain value, and once it reaches that value, a signal can be sent from the rf admittance level switch to another device such as a pump, valve actuator or display.

This RF admittance level transmitter utilizes the changing capacitance between the sensing probe and its reference ground to determine how much material is in a vessel. As the target material accumulates around the probe, the capacitance value changes accordingly until reaching its limit. The difference in capacitance between this value and that with no material indicates how much material is present on the sensor.

Rf admittance level switch working principle:

The RF Level switch operates on the basis of RF absorption. The electronic unit generates a sinusoidal wave, applied to the electrode creating a field around it. RF environment absorption changes around the electrode are reflected on the changes of generator supply current.


● Strong versatility: widely used in the detection of various materials, such as fly ash, particles, powder, liquid, viscous, conductive, and non-conductive materials; it can meet different temperature and pressure measurement requirements, and the highest temperature It can reach 800℃, and the maximum pressure can reach 5MPA; it can be used for corrosion and punching Attack and other harsh places.

Anti-adhesion: The unique circuit design and admittance level sensor structure enable the measurement to ignore the material on the probe and automatically correct it, without regular cleaning, to avoid false measurements and false signals. (Anti-hanging material)

 Maintenance-free: There are no moving parts in the measurement process, there is no damage to mechanical parts, and no maintenance is required.

 Powerful function: The output contact capacity is large, and there is a status indicator to show the work, and the 0.30 second delay can eliminate the influence of material fluctuations.

 Anti-interference: contact measurement, strong anti-interference ability, can overcome the influence of steam, foam, stirring, and measurement.

 Power-off protection: normally open or normally closed (can be switched on site).

 Accurate and reliable: Diversified measurement makes the measurement more accurate, the measurement is not affected by environmental changes, high stability, and long service life.


▲Delay: 0~30" seconds continuously adjustable

Power supply: 220VAC or, 24VDC

Sensitivity: 0.5pF

Material temperature: -184℃ to 380℃

Circuit temperature resistance: -40 ℃ to 80 ℃

Power failure protection: high and low mode, adjustable on site

Housing: ip65 level switch, heavy cast aluminum housing


Debugging method: adjust when the probe does not touch the material, pay attention to safety!

1. F fine adjustment is in the center, and C coarse adjustment is first adjusted clockwise until the light is "green", and then counterclockwise until the light is just "from green to red";

2. C Coarse adjustment does not move, F fine adjustment clockwise until the light is just "from red to green" and then counterclockwise to the light just "from green to red" and then continue to counterclockwise to adjust 0.2 divisions to 2 divisions. (According to material characteristics);


11: Standard type
12: Flat type
Connection method
FFlange connection
SThreaded connection
TClamp connection
power supply
Wetted material
Operating temperature
Probe lengthmm

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