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Kaidi-R70X Intelligent Radar Level Meter

Kaidi-R70X Intelligent Radar Level Meter
kaidi-R70X Intelligent Radar Level Meter

Outer Covering:
5-10 days
Process temperature:
Shipping ways:
Vibration Frequency:
6 GHz

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Application :

The  Measurement  Principle

   Antenna system to launch and microwave receiving energy is very low, very short pulse. Radar waves travel with the speed of light.  The running time can be through the electronic components are converted into a signal. Measurement of this special time extension method can realize stable, accurate in a very short period of time.

   Even if the condition is very complex, the presence of false echo, with the latest micro-processing technology and debugging software also can analyze the level echo accurately.

Suitable   for Medium:Liquid, solid   powder
Application: Liquid and solid powder measure, complicated   process conditions 
Explosion-proof   Grade: Exia IIC T6 Ga/Exd   IIC T6 Gb 
Measuring   Range: 30m、20m、6m
Frequency: 500MHz-1.8GHz
Antenna: Single cable or   single rod antenna 
Accuracy: ±10mm
Process   Temperature:-40250)℃
Process   Pressure:-0.14Mpa
The signal   Output: (4 ~ 20) mA/HART 
The Scene   Display: Four LCD /Can be   programmed
Power   Source: Two-wire (DC24V) Four-wire (DC24V/AC220V) 
Shell:Aluminum /Plastic /   Stainless steel
Connection: Flange (optional) /   Thread

1.   Dimensions  of  Instruments

 l  Structure  size (unit: mm)


l  Cast aluminum case  (unit: mm)


2.   The  Electrical  Connection 

l  The power supply voltage:

(4~20)mA/HART (Two wire system)        Power supply and current   signal are carried by the same two-wire connection cable. See the Technical   Specifications of this guide for detailed requirement on power supply. A   safety barrier should be placed between power supply and instrument for   intrinsically safe version.
(4~20)mA/HART(Four   wire system)      Power supply and current signal are carried by   two 2-wire connection cables respectively. See the Technical Specifications   of this guide for detailed requirement on power supply.
    Earth-connected current output can be used for standard version of  level instruments, while the explosion   proof version must be operated with a floating current output. Both   instruments and earth terminals should be connected with ground firmly and   securely. Normally you can either choose to connect with the earth terminal   on vessel or adjacent ground in case of plastic vessels.

Connection  mode:

 Ø  24V two wire wiring diagram as follows:


Ø  220V four wire connection is as below:


l  Explosion Proof Connection

The intrinsic safety version sensors (Exia IIc T6) use Alu-die casting housing and filling Silicone rubber sealants internal structure aimed to prevent sparks resulted from circuit failure from leaking out. It is applicable for the continuous level measurement of flammable medium under Exia IIc T6.

A safety barrier FBS-2 must be used together with the intrinsic safety instrument. It is an associated device to this product for the power supply of this product. The main specification is intrinsic safety: Exia IIC, voltage of power supply: 24V DC±5%, short-circuit current: 135mA, operating current: 4...20mA.

All cables must be shielded. The max length is 500m for the cable from the barrier to the sensor. Stray capacitor0.1μF/Km, stray inductance 1mH/Km. Instrument must be connected to the ground potential. Any unapproved associated device is not allowed to be used.


l  Safety  instructions:

Ø  Please observe the local electrical code requirements!

Ø  Please comply with local requirements for personnel health and safety regulations.

All electrical components of instrument operation must be completed by the formal training of professionals.

Ø  Please check the instrument nameplate to provide product specifications meet your requirements. Please make sure that the power supply voltage and instrument nameplate on the requirements.

 l  Protection Grade:

The instrument fully meet the requirements of protection class IP66/67, make sure the cable head waterproof seal.  As shown below:


²  How to ensure that the installation meets IP67 requirements:

²  Make sure that the sealing head is not damaged.

²  Make sure that the cable is not damaged.

²  Make sure the cable is used in line with the electrical connection specifications.

²  Before entering the electrical interface, the cable is bent down wardly, to ensure that water does not flow into the casing, see

²  Please tighten the cable sealing head, see

²  Keep electrical interface with blind unused block after block tight, see

3.  Adjustment  Instructions

l  Adjustment Methods

   Display/adjustment module ViewPoint

   An adjustment software

   HART handheld programmer

 l  Display / Adjustment Module

View Point is a display debugging tool that can be plugged in. The adjustment can be done through operating with four buttons on View Point. Optional menu operation languages are available for selection. View Point is only used for display after adjustment in that the measurement results can be seen clearly through the glass window.


l   PC debugging 

Connect with another unit through HART

1) RS232 Connect Cable /USB port

2)  Radar level meter

3  )HATR port adapter used on COMWAY convertor

4)250 ohm Resistance


l  HART Handheld Programmer 


4. Technical Specification

General   Parameters  
Probe Material:
RodStainless steel   316L/PTFE
Cable Stainless steel   316L/PTFE
CoaxStainless steel   316L/PTFE
SealViton fluororubber ,   Kalrez Fluorinated rubber 
Process   Connection  Stainless steel 316L
Shell Stainless Steel 316L,   PlasticAluminum Alu-die   casting, Powder Coated
Seal ring  between the   shell and the shell                 Silicone Rubber
View Point  Window    Polycarbonate
Ground  Terminal Stainless Steel 316L
Power (2-Wire)
Standard   Version  (1626)V DC
Intrinsic Safe   Version     (21.626.4)V DC
Power   Consumption max. 22.5mA 
Flameproof Type
(22.8 ~ 26.4) V DC         2-wire system
(198 ~242)V AC   4-wire   system / 110V AC    4-wire system 
Power Consumption         max. 1VA1W
Parameters on   Cable   
Cable   Entry/Plug     One cable entry of  M20xl.5 (cable diameter of  59mm)  One blind stopper   M20xl.5
Spring   Connection Terminal  Applicable for cables   with cross section of 2.5mm 
Output   Signal (420)mA/HART
Resolution  1.6μA
Failure   mode     20.5mA22mA3.9mA,   hold
2-wire load   resistance  See the diagram below
4-wire load   resistanceMax.500 ohm
Integration   Time   ( 0~36)sec, adjustable


Technical data  

Technical   data
Max Measurement Distance
701 30m/6m(Cable /Rod)
702 20m/6m(Cable /Rod)
70330m/6m(Cable /Rod)
704 6 m
70515m/6m(Cable /Rod)
Measurement Interval                About 1sec (Depend on   parameter settings)
Adjustment Time                       About 1sec (Depend on   parameter settings)
Resolution of Display               1mm
Accuracy                                   ±10mm(See the   accuracy illustration diagram below)


Temperature for Storage/Transport               (-4080)
Process Temperature  (Probe)   
701、704                                           (-40250)
Relative Humidity                                95%  
Pressure                                            Max. 40MPa
Vibration Proof                                    Mechanical vibration   10m/s² , (10150)Hz
Max Pulling Force                               See the illustrative   diagram on pulling force

KD-R801 radar level gauge is suitable for liquid, paste, granule and block material level and non-contact measurement, suitable for changes in temperature, pressure big; there is an inert gas and volatile.

The measurement method of microwave pulse, can work normally in the industrial frequency band range. The beam energy is low, can be installed on all kinds of metal, non-metallic container or pipe, no harm to human body and environment.

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