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Kaidi KD-801 6GHz Intelligent Radar Level Meter First-Class China Supplier

Kaidi KD-801  6GHz Intelligent Radar Level Meter First-Class China Supplier

Kaidi KD-801  6GHz Intelligent Radar Level Meter First-Class China Supplier
  • Kaidi KD-801  6GHz Intelligent Radar Level Meter First-Class China Supplier
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Kaidi KD-801 6GHz Intelligent Radar Level Meter First-Class China Supplier
Customized Solutions for a Range of Industrial Automation Process Applications.
Sewage level measurement; Low volatile acid and base liquid level measurement; Size level measurement
Measuring Range:
Liquid, slightly corrosive liquid
The Rod Antenna ( PP/PTFE )
6 GHz
Explosion proof certification:
Exia IIC T6 GA/Exd IIC T6 GB
Outer Covering:
Process temperature:
(-40 ~ 130)℃
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Shipping ways:
Express (DHL Fedex TNT EMS UPS)/ Air / Sea

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6GHz intelligent series radar level meter is suitable for non-contact continuous measurement of the level of liquid slurry, particle material and block material, suitable for large temperature and pressure changes;

The microwave pulse measurement method is used in the presence of inert gas and volatiles, and can work normally in the range of industrial frequency band. The beam energy is low, and can be installed in various metal and non-metal containers or pipelines, which does no harm to human body and the environment.


Very short microwave pulses of very low energy are transmitted and received through an antenna system. The radar wave travels at the speed of light. The running time can be converted into a level signal by means of electronic components. A special time-stretching method ensures stable and accurate measurements in a very short time. Even in the case of complex conditions and spurious echoes, the level echoes can be accurately analyzed using microprocessor technology and commissioning software.

The antenna receives the reflected microwave pulses and transmits them to the electronics. The microprocessor processes this signal and identifies the echoes generated by the micropulses on the material surface. The correct identification of the echo signal is done by the pulse software with an accuracy of millimeters.

The distance D from the material surface is proportional to the time travel T of the pulse: D=C×T/2; where C is the speed of light. Since the distance E from the empty tank is known, the level L is: L = E - D.

It is set by entering the empty tank height E (=zero), full tank height F (=full range) and some application parameters, which will automatically adapt the instrument to the measurement environment. Corresponds to 4-20mA output.


This instrument fully meets the requirements of protection class IP66/67. 

Please make sure that the cable sealing head is waterproof. As shown

How to ensure that the installation meets the requirements of IP67:

Please make sure that the sealing head is not damaged.

Please ensure that the cable is not damaged.

Please ensure that the cable used meets the requirements of the electrical connection specification.

Before entering the electrical connection, bend the cable downwards to ensure that 

water does not flow into the housing, see ①

Please tighten the cable sealing head, see ②

Please plug the unused electrical connections with blind plugs, see ③


Applicable medium: liquid, slightly corrosive liquid

Applications: sewage level measurement; acid and alkali level measurement with

 small volatility; slurry level measurement

Explosion-proof certification: Exia IIC T6 Ga/ Exd IIC T6 Gb

Measuring range: 20m

Antenna: Rod antenna (PP/PTFE)

Frequency: 6 GHz

Process temperature: (-40 to 130)°C

Measurement accuracy: ±10mm

Process pressure: (-0.1 to 0.3) MPa

Signal output: (4 to 20)mA/HART

Field display: four-bit LCD programmable

Power supply: two-wire system (DC24V) four-wire system (DC24V/AC220V)

Repeatability: ± 1mm

Housing: aluminum single chamber/aluminum double chamber/plastic/stainless steel single chamber

Process connection: flange(optional)/thread




Recommended location (2), the tank wall to the outer wall of the installation short pipe should meet the following requirements: the best distance from the tank wall is 1/4 or 1/6 of the tank diameter, the minimum installation distance from the tank wall is 1/10 of the measurement range. for example: 10m level tank, the minimum installation distance from the tank wall should be 1m.

● Cannot be installed above the inlet (4)

● It cannot be installed in the center (3). If it is installed in the center, multiple false echoes will be generated and the interference echoes will cause the real signal to be lost.

● If the distance between the instrument and the tank wall cannot be maintained, the medium on the tank wall will adhere to cause false echoes, and false echo storage should be performed when commissioning the instrument.

Our main products are: high frequency radar level meter, radar level meter, guided wave radar level meter and other instrumentation products, if you need, please contact us!

Installation of the conical tank

The conical tank has a flat top and can be mounted right in the middle of the top of the tank, which ensures measurement to the bottom of the cone.

Storage tanks with piles of material

When there is a pile of material, the antenna should be aligned vertically with the material surface. If the material surface is not flat and the pile angle is large, you must use the universal flange to adjust the horn angle so that the horn is aligned with the material surface as much as possible. (Due to the inclined solid surface will cause the echo attenuation and even loss of signal problem)

Installation instructions inside the tank

Within the signal beam, the following installations should be avoided: e.g. (1): limit switches, temperature sensors, etc.

Symmetrical installations such as (2): vacuum rings, heating coils, baffles, etc.

If there are (1) (2) interfering objects inside the tank, a wave guide tube should be used for measurement.

Please Send Us your Application details

Measuring range , medium, Installation method (flange, thread), Pressure range, Remote transmitter, Level alarm switch

Our technical team will check your specifications and make a best solution for you.


More  Model available for all appication, different termperture and pressure!

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