Need to be aware of the problems in the process of pressure transmitter to use

by:KAIDI     2021-02-12
Determination of key consists of pressure sensors, pressure transmitter integrated op-amp three parts and process connection. It can to liquid level sensor of gas, liquid and other mathematical hydraulic parameters into electrical signals, on the balance of supply and demand alarming device, recorder, controller and other righteousness table again to carry out the determination, labeled and process adjustment. In China, at this stage in the micro mechanical automation level of the application of temperature transmitter usually application scenario piezoresistive type mechanism, and also after the varistor stress resistance change, according to greaten amplifier and specification of the pressure calibration, can only carry out water pressure test. Temperature transmitter when workers do common problems: 1, the transmitter application above 36 v, avoid by all means is easy to cause damage. 2, transmitter, touch the pulse dampers with lumps of avoid by all means, would spoil phrenic diaphragm. 3, the material can not be frozen, to be tested or protective pulse damper controller components easy to damage, and also damaged transmitter. 4, in the determination of steam or other high temperature material, its temperature is beyond the limit temperature of transducer applications, or be used radiator. 5, in the determination of steam or other high temperature material, to make the transmitter and the line together, should be managed application of thermal conductivity, and apply on the pipeline of hydraulic transformer. When the material being tested is water vapor, heat conducting tube to introduce proper water, to prevent overheating steam immediately and touch in the transmitter, lead to destruction of the controller. 6, in the hydraulic transmission process, should pay attention to: the transmitter and the thermal pipe junction leakage; You should be careful when open the gate, measured matter immediately in case of collision and destroy controller pulse damper; Be sure to maintain the pipeline unobstructed, prevent sediment in line jumped out and destroying the controller pulse dampers. Pressure transmitter of the proper use of liquid level sensor application process should pay attention to consider the following conditions: 1, avoid transmitter and irritating or overtemperature of physical touch: 2, avoid the residue in the tube and igneous rock; 3, when the liquid water is measured, apply pressure should be located in step line side, in order to prevent the heavy set product residue; 4, when the air pressure is measured, apply pressure mouth line should be located in steps of high-grade, and transmitter shall be installed in step the upper line, and facilitate the accumulation of the liquid is easy to introduce steps in pipeline; And small pressure pipe should be installed in the temperature fluctuation; 6, the determination of steam or other high temperature material, need to add the cache line, Duct) Cooler, such as not high transmitter operating temperature is beyond the range; 7, produce frozen in winter, when installed in outdoor protection countermeasures in transmitter necessary use, prevent lead for frozen pressure oral liquid peng, guide controller destruction; 8, when the liquid water is measured, the installation of the transmitter site should prevent liquid impact ( Water hammer) In case the controller overvoltage destruction; 9, wiring, cable across the waterproof connector ( Note) Or around the tube nut tightening the seal, and prevent the precipitation etc. According to the cable leakage into the transmitter housings.
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