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Introduction of ultrasonic flow meter

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Introduction of ultrasonic flow meter

Introduction of ultrasonic flow meter


What is ultrasonic flow meter?

The ultrasonic flow meter is used to measure the flow rate of the fluid and it is done with the help of sound waves. The sound waves will be transmitted to the liquid and these waves would be reflected back from the particles or bubbles in the fluid. The flow rate is calculated by the change in frequency of the transmitted wave and the received wave. This flow meter can be used to measure liquid and gas and it is done by using the ultrasound principle. The metering of the ultrasonic flow meter is depended on the acoustic properties of the fluid. This flow meter would also be affected by the temperature, viscosity, and density of the fluid particles according to the type of meter used.

How does  ultrasonic flow meters work?

An oem ultrasonic flow meter uses transmitters and receivers of acoustic energy and for this purpose piezoelectric crystals are used. Electrical energy is applied to the crystal and it is applied in the form of a short burst of high frequency and this would cause the crystal to vibrate. If the crystal is in contact with the fluid then the vibration can be propagated through the fluid. Then it would be reflected back to the receiver section and the difference between the frequency of the transmitted and received wave is the flow rate.We have known the principle of ultrasonic flow meter, below are ultrasonic flow meter advantages and disadvantages:

What are the advantages of ultrasonic flow meter?

Easy to install


No moving parts

No wear

Low maintenance

High reliability

No clogging/plugging

No pressure loss

No corrosion

No leakage

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What are the disadvantages of ultrasonic flow meter?

The medium that is to measured must have enough reflective particles

The particles should be large to give proper reflections

The sound velocity of the particulate material must be distinctly different from that of the liquid

The sound velocity of the medium is included in the measurement result

The velocity needs to be much higher than the critical velocity at which particles settle

Proper installation is critical

High cost

What are the applications of ultrasonic flow meter?

It is used in medical application to check the blood flow rate

It can be used to measure slurries

It can be used to check the liquid and gas flow rate



Oil and gas



Cooling tower




How to select an ultrasonic flow meter?

It must be selected according to the acoustic property of the fluid


Pressure and temperature

Flowing media

It must be selected according to the pipe size

Flow rate

What are the types of best ultrasonic flow meter

There are two types of wholesale price ultrasonic flow meter they are transit time and Doppler.

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