The advantages and disadvantages of outer clamp type ultrasonic flowmeter specific performance

by:Kaidi Sensors     2020-10-07
p { 文本- - - - - - 缩进:2 em; / * em is relative unit, 2 em now twice the size of a word * /} With the rapid progress of ultrasonic sensor technology, its due to the scope of production and living fields is becoming more and more wide, outside of the time difference in the industrial production type ultrasonic flowmeter, doppler ultrasonic flow meter and other products, product marketing level geometric growth. In is closely related to the residents of medical treatment, traffic, water supply and other fields has also been a large number of applications, such as medical often say B to exceed, colour to exceed, traffic site velocimeter, tap water pipe water measurement can see the figure of ultrasonic sensor technology. It is ultrasonic flow sensor technology has the very big advantage, gets the user's love, and with the deepening of the related research and development of technology, ultrasonic sensor technology will be closer to people's production and living. In this paper, based on ultrasonic sensor technology will be made use in industrial flow measurement, respectively the advantages of ultrasonic flowmeter is better than other types of flowmeter. Due to the ultrasonic flowmeter for some particular condition to measure the effect will be affected is also made. Specifically, jet lag clip type ultrasonic flowmeter advantages include the following aspects: 1, outside the clamp type ultrasonic flowmeter for non-contact measuring method, used to measure the sensor without direct contact with measuring liquid, measurement is not affected by measurement of body structure of the influence of viscosity, conductivity, therefore, all kinds of liquid or gas flow can be obtained. As can be used for all kinds of liquid or gas flow. How to used for all kinds of liquid flow measurement, including measurement of rotting turbid liquid, high viscosity and the conductive liquid flow, especially suitable for water flow measurement of large diameter pipe or various canals, rivers, sea water flow velocity and flow, in medicine are used to measure blood flow, etc. 2, especially suitable for large diameter measurement. Ultrasonic flowmeter without choke insert pipe parts, only by the sound wave transmission and reflection to achieve measurement, outer clamp type ultrasonic flowmeter can measure diameter of more than 10 m, can solve other flowmeter is still unable to solve the problem of large diameter measurement, and its cost and quality has nothing to do with measured of the pipe diameter. 3, measurable contains a lot of impurities and bubble liquid medium, can solve the sewage treatment, environmental protection and other industries use other flowmeter problem can't be measured. 4, energy saving, ultrasonic flowmeter need not insert by flow field, no pressure loss, its energy consumption and small, is a kind of ideal energy meter. Especially for the measurement of the large flow rate, energy saving efficiency. 5, because the ultrasonic flowmeter is not to work based on the electromagnetic induction, so no liquid medium for conducting or not is not relevant, perfectly fit for the flow measurement of electrical conductivity of liquid medium, the non-contact measuring method for electromagnetic flowmeter is a very good supplement. 6, don't interfere with the flow field, it is for those who do not allow the disturbed flow field of the occasion and supplement of contact type flowmeter. 7, measurable strong corrosion, explosive and radioactive medium; Measurement is not affected by medium pressure, temperature, viscosity, density, etc. 8, testing maintenance easy to change, do not need to stop ( Built in except) 。 9, flow rate and the output signal is linear relationship, suitable for wide range of flow measurement. 10, transducer, simple structure, no moving parts, long service life and quality of light. 11, sensitivity and high temporal resolution, and some products sensitivity can reach 0. 0003 m/s, temporal resolution to 0. 001ns。 12, not only suitable for large diameter measurement, also suitable for small diameter measurement. Based on the ultrasonic sensor technology and the constraints of the current production technology, ultrasonic flowmeter and the vulnerability of the following, these weaknesses believe that with the progress of related technologies, will get different degrees of improvement and overcome. The ultrasonic flowmeter weaknesses including the following kinds: ( 1) Ultrasonic flowmeter faults mainly existed in the current body temperature range of the ultrasonic transducer and the coupling between transducer and the pipe materials heat resistance level of restrictions, and is under the high temperature flow body sound transmission speed of the original data is not complete. At present our country can only be used to measure the fluid under 200 ℃. ( 2) Anti-interference ability is not ideal, vulnerable to bubbles, scaling, pump, such as the influence of ultrasonic noise, deterioration in accuracy. If has the above situation, the accuracy of light, or instrument does not display. ( 3) In addition, ultrasonic flowmeter measurement line is more complicated than the general flow meter. This is because, in general industrial measurement of liquid flow velocity is often a few meters per second, and propagation velocity of sound waves in a fluid is about 1500 m/s, by flow velocity ( Traffic) Large amount of changes to the change of the velocity of sound is 10 - 3 orders of magnitude. If you want the accuracy of measuring the velocity of & plusmn; 1%, the measuring accuracy of the sound velocity for 10 - 5 ~ 10 - 6 orders of magnitude, so must have perfect measuring circuit to realize, that is ultrasonic flowmeter is only under the former title of integrated circuit technology rapid development can be the cause of the practical application. ( 4) Installation method for ultrasonic flowmeter measurement effect also has great influence, incorrect installation, will affect the accuracy of measurement. With the development of the industry and the market gradually mature, the application of ultrasonic flow meter will be more and more widely, in both in the industrial production field and in storage transition and application field of finance and accounting, its application is more comprehensive, the use of its superior performance has been recognized by various aspects. Along with the market in full swing, the price of the market adjustment will tend to be more reasonable. In this paper by embellish instrument technology co. , LTD. Arrange release.
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