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What is the focus of radar level gauges?

What is the focus of radar level gauges?


I have seen many PPTs and found that their focus is on the key points. In fact, during the study, the teacher has always said that the study should focus on the key points. Knowing the radar level gauge, in fact, should also focus on the key points. What is the focus of radar level gauges? In fact, it is nothing more than antenna, frequency and material.


At present, there are various types of antennas for radar level gauges on the market, but there are only a few main ones.

Flare antenna, the most common and most commonly used. It is suitable for the measurement of most working conditions. Many storage tanks, reaction tanks and buffer tanks use radar level gauges with this type of antenna. However, this antenna is not suitable for level measurement of corrosive media.


Rod antennas and horn antennas are not suitable for the measurement of corrosive media, but rod antennas are most suitable for corrosive media. The radar level gauge of this antenna is relatively easy to clean, but the measurement range is relatively small.


Parabolic antenna, this type of antenna appeared later than the first two, it is a newer antenna type and is very suitable for measuring precise targets and measuring around obstacles.


Sleeve antenna, this type of antenna is suitable for more complex working conditions, such as the working condition of continuous eddy current on the liquid surface and the working condition of small dielectric constant. The casing has a focusing effect on the radar wave emitted by the radar level gauge. However, when choosing this type of liquid level gauge, it is necessary to pay attention to the compensation for the time in the stroke when setting the parameters.

Guided wave radar, also known as guided wave radar level gauge. It is more suitable for liquid level measurement with small dielectric constant and solid level measurement.


After talking about the antenna, let's talk about the frequency. In general, the higher the frequency, the higher the accuracy of the radar level gauge and the smaller the measurement blind area.

Finally, let's take a look at the shell material of the radar level gauge. Here, only to emphasize one point, the radar level gauge with aluminum housing is not resistant to alkali corrosion. If this is the case, it is best to use a plastic casing.


The above content is just a brief introduction to the knowledge of the three aspects of the radar level gauge. If you want to know more deeply, you may wish to check the daily update of Kaidi Energy at any time.

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