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What are the applications of the two level gauges in the ash warehouse?

What are the applications of the two level gauges in the ash warehouse?


In power plants, level gauges are used in many silos, and the most important silos include ash silos. Like coal ash silo and dehydration silo of desulfurization system, ash silo has the problem of difficult level measurement. Today, let's take a look at the application of two level meters in the ash silo.

In a domestic power plant, a radio frequency admittance level meter was used in the ash silo. In the process of use, the main problems are large data fluctuation, serious data offset and the phenomenon of "dead" data. The fundamental reason why these situations occur is that due to the influence of dust, dielectric constant, pressure and temperature, the radio frequency admittance liquid level meter has problems such as hanging material, which leads to other results.


Using the radio frequency admittance level meter to measure the level of the ash silo, because it cannot provide stable and accurate data, it cannot realize automatic control, and the relevant personnel can only control the level with years of experience, so the most likely problem is control. Inefficiency and the position is easy to top.

This is the case in power plants using RF admittance level gauges for level measurement. So, what about switching to a radar level meter? After the radio frequency admittance level meter, the factory switched to a radar level meter of a certain brand. After using for a period of time, the effect is still ideal. For half a year, the output of the instrument is relatively stable and reliable, and the system can automatically control the material level through the output data. The most gratifying thing is that when the ash bin is feeding and discharging, the meter can still reflect the material level stably and accurately. However, in the process of use, the radar level gauge has also encountered three types of problems: the first type, the instrument display problems, such as inaccurate display, no indication, and so on. This problem has been solved through software debugging. The second category is unreasonable parameter settings. This problem can be solved as long as the parameters are set correctly again. The third category is that the radar level meter antenna is polluted. The contamination of the antenna will affect the data. So for the third type of problem, the most effective way is to install a dust cover.

From the application of the above two magnetic level gauges in the ash silo, it can be seen that no matter which kind of liquid level gauge is in use, there will be big or small problems. To ensure accurate measurement, you must not only learn how to choose the most suitable material Bit measurement method, you should also learn how to solve the problems encountered during use.

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