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What is the significance of the application of radar level gauges in open irrigation channels?

What is the significance of the application of radar level gauges in open irrigation channels?


The application of radar level gauges in petrochemical industries is conducive to improving production efficiency and reducing the occurrence of dangers. Therefore, in these industries, radar level gauges have their own significance. So, does the radar liquid level exist in the open irrigation channel?

It stands to reason that experienced workers will regularly implement irrigation according to the actual conditions of the farmland. There should be no excessive waste. There is no need to install a radar level gauge. Is the truth really like this?


A piece of data shows that in 2017, the country's water consumption was 604.34 billion square meters. Among them, agricultural water accounts for 62.3% of the country's total water consumption, and its effective utilization coefficient is only 0.51. In developed countries, the effective utilization coefficient is 0.7-0.8. Therefore, the loss of irrigation water is very serious nationwide.


These facts are undoubtedly not telling us that open channel irrigation also requires automated instruments such as radar level gauges.

Using the radar level gauge, the conveyed irrigation water can be detected and controlled. The actual amount of irrigation water is monitored in real time by detecting the liquid level meter, and then the flow is controlled.


Using a radar level gauge, you can monitor the level of irrigation water to know whether other automation equipment (remote metering gate system) is operating normally, and transmit relevant data to the relevant automation system (gate control system) in real time. The relevant automation system reasonably allocates water based on the feedback information from the radar level gauge and other related information, and saves water on the premise of ensuring the quality of irrigation.


At present, there is a serious waste of water in agriculture in our country, and there is also a serious shortage of agricultural water. To resolve this contradiction, we must not only find a new source of water, but also use scientific methods to reduce expenditure and reduce waste. This is also the necessity for the use of automatic equipment such as radar level gauges in agriculture.


With the rapid development of science and technology, and the continuous advancement of technology, the environmental threats and water shortages we face are becoming more and more serious. Therefore, while protecting the environment, we must learn to use advanced equipment such as radar level gauges to save water and solve the energy crisis.

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