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How to reduce the measurement error of radar level meter?

How to reduce the measurement error of radar level meter?


Generally speaking, the material level feedback is inaccurate and untimely, which is very prone to explosion events, and there is a greater safety risk. Therefore, the requirements for the radar level meter are very high, but the radar level meter often has abnormal material level jumps or falls, or even crashes, resulting in large errors in material level measurement, which brings trouble to production and sales. Today we talk about how to reduce this error.

Reasons for Measurement Errors of Radar Level Meter


1. There is AC interference and the voltage is high. For example, for the radar level meter used in the production line, the power supply requirement is 24VDC (typical value), but in the on-site measurement, it is found that the power supply is displayed as 27.2V, which is significantly higher than 24VDC, resulting in a large measurement result and even a radar level meter. crash phenomenon.


2. The installation position of the radar level meter is incorrect, which leads to deviations in the measurement. For example, the accumulation of aggregates in the transfer bin is a "mountain"-shaped cone, but only one radar level meter is installed near the discharge port of the return belt. , the installation position is too close to the discharge opening of the return belt, and at the same time, it is too far from the discharge opening of the feeding belt on both sides. Just below the radar level meter is the drop point of the return belt. If the distance is too close, the aggregate in the falling process will interfere with the radar level meter and form false reflections.


3. The influence of dust accumulation on the transmitter head of the radar level meter, due to the large amount of dust in the working condition of the radar level meter, the dust is easy to adhere, and affected by the ambient temperature, the dust is wet and easy to agglomerate, and the dielectric constant will become larger and adhered The transmitter head and the wall of the bell mouth of the radar level meter affect the accuracy and stability of the radar measurement. 

So what are the improvement measures to reduce the measurement error of the radar level meter?


1. Install an isolation device to reduce AC interference. In view of the interference of the signal with high voltage of the power supply during the transmission process, two parallel and reversely arranged isolation modules are installed between the power supply and the instrument to solve the above problems.


2. Select a reasonable installation position and angle according to the analysis of the measurement conditions to improve the accuracy of the measurement. In view of the installation position of the radar level meter, a radar level gauge of the same type is installed at a position 1.5m away from the side of the two feeding belt discharge openings above the transfer bin. The horn antenna is installed at an appropriate angle during installation. Make the radar wave point to the blanking point of the blanking port in the ring area with a center radius of 0.5m-1m. At the same time, the radar level meter on the finished product storage warehouse should not be installed in the center of the arched tank, otherwise the interference echo will cause signal loss. Nor can it be installed very close to the tank wall.


3. Keep the probe of the radar level meter clean to prevent the probe from accumulating, damp and scarring. In view of the dust accumulation on the transmitter head, disassemble the existing radar level transmitter, attach a layer of plastic film to the antenna horn, and regularly clean the dust on the horn antenna to ensure that there is no dust accumulation at the transmitter head and ensure measurement accuracy and stability.

4. Digital filtering reduces interference. In order to improve the accuracy of measurement, it is necessary to perform noise reduction processing on the data. Increase the software filtering time and use the data smoothing method to eliminate noise as much as possible to obtain measurement data that is consistent with the actual situation.

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