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How to solve the problem of abnormal turnover of FAQ604 magnetic turnover level meter?

How to solve the problem of abnormal turnover of FAQ604 magnetic turnover level meter?


Causes and solutions of flipping exceptions of magnetic flip plate liquid level meter

Magnetic flap level gauge is a widely used liquid level measuring instrument in modern industry, which is inseparable from its clear indication, economic and practical, safe and stable characteristics.But in the application process, some magnetic flip plate liquid level meter magnetic flip plate will appear magnetic weakening, the phenomenon of magnetic flip plate tumble.With the continuous upgrading of new materials and the increasing progress of processing technology, this phenomenon is not common.Aiming at the problem of tumbling over of magnetic flip plate liquid level meter, this paper discusses the cause of tumbling over of magnetic flip plate liquid level meter and its solution.

Brief analysis of the causes of  flipping exceptions of magnetic flip plate liquid level meter

Generally speaking, magnetic flip plate liquid level gauge turns over the sheet to flip the exceptions reason mainly has the following several kinds:

1. Problems in the production process, such as materials and production process itself.

(1) Magnetic drift or maglev magnetic weakening.

  • If the maglev is used for too long, or the service temperature is too high, or even exceeds the maximum service temperature of the magnetic steel, the magnetic steel in the float will often decrease or demagnetize, resulting in the decrease of magnetic coupling ability of the maglev, so that the flip sheet cannot be flipped, or only part of the flip sheet can be flipped.Similarly, with the increase of the service life of the flip chip, the magnetic beads in the flip chip will also appear demagnetization, resulting in the decrease of self-locking force between the flip chip, resulting in flip phenomenon.

(2) Small bubbles entering the measuring chamber interfere with the normal indication.

  • In the normal production of closed pipeline, sometimes many bubbles of different sizes will be mixed in a liquid phase, or even in severe cases will produce "gas phase."The liquid in the presence of the mixed gas phase with the changes in production, if a magnetic flap are installed level gauge of the feed pipe of the equipment and the level of relative position is advantageous to the bubbles into the liquid level meter, when mixed with the gas phase liquid into the device, the gas phase will enter the magnetic level gauge measuring room, turning if some scattered small bubbles from entering, because the magnetic medium density gauge measuring indoor turning changes, float of buoyancy will change, will change the position of the float, liquid level value indicated by the magnetic level gauge indicator turning will generate the error of the big or small,Interference with the normal indication of the magnetic flip level gauge.

2. Problems in the use of magnetic flip plate liquid level meter to measure special media.

When the liquid level of the vaporizing medium of liquefied hydrocarbons is measured by magnetic flip plate level meter, the gas phase and liquid phase of the measured medium are converted to each other to reach equilibrium under the stable state.At this time, if by the extraction liquid inside the tank, the liquid on the surface of the space increases, the gas phase pressure, liquid vaporization of heat tracing place there will be a large number of air bubbles, small bubbles in the process of rising together into a big bubble, bubble into the magnetic level gauge measuring room, turning it may cause a rise in the gas phase and gas phase section, when encountered in the process of rising float gas phase around the float through, at the same time float movement too fast and lose the magnetic connection and measurement of outdoor indicator, "magnetic" phenomenon.

In addition, poor operating conditions on the site, large vibration or surrounding magnetic field interference will also lead to flipping.This is because, if the vibration of the work site is large, when the vibration force overcomes the self-locking force between the flips, it will lead to the flips. If there is a strong magnetic field around the instrument, it will make the magnetic flip plate level gauge or maglev magnetic reduction, there is a flip sheet.

The solution to the abnormal flip of magnetic flip plate liquid level gauge

In view of the causes of abnormal turning over of magnetic plate level gauge, the following measures can be generally adopted to solve the flipping exceptions:

1.Choose good quality, good reputation of manufacturers to buy magnetic flip plate level gauge.

At present, the market magnetic flip plate liquid level gauge quality and price difference is large, the so-called a cent a cent goods.The low price of magnetic plate liquid level gauge, in the selection of materials often tend to lower prices of materials, the corresponding quality of these materials is difficult to ensure.Such as magnetic steel and magnetic beads are not strong magnetic, the use of a short time on the serious demagnetization phenomenon.

Not only that, the magnetic flip plate liquid level meter with a large price difference has a large difference in the production process and product structure design, and poor sealing, which results in the phenomenon of small bubbles entering the measurement chamber interfering with the normal indication.

Therefore, in order to avoid the occurrence of the above situation, as far as possible to the quality of good, good reputation manufacturers to buy

2. Pay attention to correct operating procedures during use.

(1) Transport or handling process:

Generally speaking, in order to prevent maglev damage caused by moving up and down in the process of transportation or handling, manufacturers in the factory, will use the supporting correction of magnetic steel in the outside of the main pipe (labeled with color logo) will be the maglev suction.Therefore, after receiving the product or installation, the user should remove the corrected magnetic steel so that the float can move up and down with the liquid level.Before use, if the magnetic flanging appears to be disorderly, the instrument can work normally by using the corrected magnetic steel to absorb it.

After installation

After the installation of the liquid level gauge, magnetic steel should be used to correct the plate and guide the plate once, so that the color below zero is red and the color above zero is white.

Put into operation

During operation, the upper primer valve should be opened first, and then the lower primer valve should be opened long enough to allow the liquid medium to enter the main pipe smoothly, to avoid the rapid rise of the liquid medium with the float, resulting in the magnetic flip sheet failure or chaos (in case of this phenomenon, magnetic steel can be used to correct).


To avoid flipping exceptions, KAIDI USES low temperature coefficients and high temperature resistance magnets to make maglev and flip magnets. KAIDI also enhances magnet quality inspection and control to ensure that the quality of the selected magnets is stable.In use, it is recommended that users try to avoid the installation of magnetic flap level meter in the environment with large vibration or strong magnetic field.

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