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KDZA To Provide Accurate, Real-time Measurements On Powder

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KDZA To Provide Accurate, Real-time Measurements On Powder

KDZA To Provide Accurate, Real-time Measurements On Powder


To Provide Accurate, Real-time Measurements On Powder.

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KDZA to Provide Accurate, Real-time Measurements on Powder

KAIDI KDZA radar measuring system operates concrete batch plants in Ontario, Canada.  Hogg Fuel has been a quality supplier of ready mix concrete for over 15 years.  They use a blend of Portland cement and slag.  The “slag” is actually GGBS or ground granulated blast furnace slag.  GGBS is sometimes used as an additive to concrete to provide benefits in the areas of durability, quality, strength and finish.  Typical batches include about 10-15% slag but this can vary depending on the need of their customer.This plant was designed as an auxiliary plant to their main facility and therefore was built with smaller capacity silos than their main plant.  However, this auxiliary plant has become increasingly busier in recent years. This makes tracking the level critical as loads are required more frequently than in the past. 

KDZA has met all of their expectations and system requirements. As with all complete systems, Hogg Fuel has a rotary paddle point level unit top mounted with a two foot extension for indication of high level to alert the cement delivery to shut down when the vessel is full.  As an added bonus, KDZA provides the batcher in the control room the ability to track the progression of the fill cycle right to its completion!  The KDZA sensors were installed in late April 2016.

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KDZA is a guided wave radar continuous level sensor.  Distance/level is measured by the time-of-flight of the reflection of a microwave signal (transmitted down the wave-guide, which is a heavy-duty 0.3” SS cable with 3.9 ton tensile strength) off the material surface.  Cement and GGBS slag both have relatively low dielectric constants and KDZA’s direct measuring mode was successful in providing real-time continuous updates of the material level during filling and draw-down. 

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