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Installation Requirements for Vortex Flow Meters

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Installation Requirements for Vortex Flow Meters

Installation Requirements for Vortex Flow Meters


What is a vortex flowmeter?

A volume flowmeter that uses the Karman vortex principle to measure the volume flow rate or mass flow rate of liquid gas vapor is called a vortex  flowmeter.

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1、 Installation requirements for external environment of vortex flowmeter

When the vortex flowmeter must be installed outdoors due to operating conditions, it is necessary to install lightning protection, rain protection, and sun protection devices to ensure the service life of the instrument, and a filter must be installed in front of the straight pipe section where the flowmeter is installed. The ideal place for installing vortex flow meters is a place that is free from electromagnetic interference, thermal FU radiation, and easy to repair and disassemble. Do not share a ground wire with a strong current system and must be reliably grounded.

2、 Installation requirements for bypass pipes of vortex flow meters

Stop valves and bypass pipes should be installed before and after the pipeline installed in the flow meter. The downstream of the flow meter pipeline is where the flow control valve is installed. The reason why the stop valve of the upstream pipeline is not suitable as the control valve is to avoid unstable flow of fluid in the upstream part.

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3、 Installation requirements for piping of vortex flow meters

The inner diameter of the pipeline installed in the flowmeter should be the same as the inner diameter of the upstream and downstream piping.

4、 Requirements for straight pipe sections of vortex flow meters

The flow meter must be installed horizontally on the pipeline (with a slope of less than 50), and the axis of the vortex meter should be concentric with the pipeline axis during installation, and the flow direction should be consistent. The upstream pipeline length of the flowmeter should have an equal diameter straight pipe section of no less than 2D. If the installation site allows it, it is recommended that the upstream straight pipe section be 20d and the downstream straight pipe section be 5d.

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Before installing the flow meter, debris, welding slag, stones, dust, etc. in the pipeline should be cleaned. It is recommended to install a filter with a 5-micron sieve upstream to block liquid droplets and sand particles. When the flow meter is put into operation, the front valve should be slowly opened first, and then the rear valve should be opened to prevent instantaneous airflow impact and damage to the turbine.

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