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How to select a pressure transmitter

How to select a pressure transmitter


The pressure transmitter has the first choice for many consumer friends since the listing of the performance of the pressure release work is reliable and stable. But now the manufacturer of sales of pressure transmitters on the market has a lot of consumer friends do not understand how to choose a pressure transmitter. Then let's take a look at the intelligent pressure transmitter manufacturers to learn how to choose.

How to select a pressure transmitter

1, the pressure value of the pressure transmitter is gainful to the small: consumer friends must first make a general value of the system pressure before selecting the pressure transmitter, and not after the maximum is measured a pressure transmitter that is purchased in the maximum value value is used, but it is necessary to select a transmitter than the maximum pressure value. This is because the peaks generated in many pressure systems, especially when water pressure and processing are treated, which is easy to fluctuate, so it is necessary to select a pressure that is higher than the pressure maximum. The delivery is to ensure that the pressure peak will not produce excessive pressure.

2. Select the pressure transmitter that wants to match with the pressure medium: Because numerous objects generate pressure, the consumer user friends need to pay attention to the choice and pressure media when they choose, to ensure pressure change The delivery can be effectively used in related occasions. Such as viscous liquids, large-scale muds are very likely to block the pressure interface, at this time, there is a need to select a filtering pressure transmitter or mount the filter. Some solvents may have corrosive properties, and it is not possible to direct direct contact with the transmitter.

The above two points are the techniques that can be referred to when selecting a high temperature pressure transmitter. According to the above two points, you can choose a suitable own pressure transmitter. But when choosing, you need to pay attention to whether you need to have interchangeability, which is to determine if the required transmitter can adapt to multiple usage systems. Many consumers believe that they only use a single transmitter, so I ignore this, but in fact, it is not right, and it is a very significant misunderstanding for the purchase of pressure transmitters.

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