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Radar liquid level meter measuring star features

Radar liquid level meter measuring star features


Radar liquid level meter measuring star features

The radar level gauge has the following measurement characteristics: ① The measurement results are highly accurate, because the radar level gauge is not easily disturbed by external factors during actual measurement, so the data measurement results are accurate

High degree of reliability and strong reliability; ② The measurement method is more reasonable. Since the measurement method of the radar level gauge is non-contact, compared with the previous manual contact measurement method, the parts and equipment of the radar level gauge are better. Stable, so the measurement results are more reliable.

Install the radar level gauge

The following conditions must be met when installing the radar level gauge: 

①The radar level gauge cannot be placed in the middle of the circular tank of the oil storage tank to prevent the signal from being interfered; 

②The radar level gauge cannot be installed safely

Place it directly above the liquid inlet; 

③ For some circular oil storage tanks with a small diameter, the minimum distance between the placement position of the 5900s radar level gauge and the oil storage tank wall should be ≥35 cm. It is appropriate to set the distance of the position meter to 1/6-1/4 of the diameter of the oil storage tank.

Factors affecting radar level gauge measurement

The oil storage tank is an extremely important part of the radar level gauge measurement system. During the actual measurement process of the rosemount 5900s radar level gauge, the measurement results will be affected by the substances inside the tank, resulting in the measurement of

The result is less accurate. Such factors include: the interference caused by the condensation of steam or oil and gas in the tank to the reflection stage, and the impedance jump at the connection position of the antenna. Impedance jumps occur inside the short tube, obstacles interfere with the reflection stage, and adhesions are overlaid on the high-frequency head, etc. When installing the still-pipe, special attention should be paid to whether the surface and interior of the still-pipe are flat. The time travel of the electromagnetic wave in the still-pipe will be affected by the slight change in the inner diameter of the still-pipe.

Social and economic benefits

Radar magnetic liquid level gauge are widely used in real-time monitoring and calculation of oil storage tanks due to their high accuracy of measurement results, scientific and reasonable internal structure, and strong stability.

line use. The application of the radar level gauge in the monitoring of oil storage tanks can reduce the manual workload and reduce labor costs. In actual measurement, the radar level gauge can completely replace the manual measurement work that takes 2 hours to complete, and the work efficiency is significantly improved. In addition, the application of the radar level gauge can solve the problem of calculating the loss and profit and loss of the oil depot when leaving the factory.

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