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How to deal with no echo fault of radar level meter?

How to deal with no echo fault of radar level meter?


Radar level meter is a new type of liquid level measuring instrument, which is widely used in various fields. However, in the production process, the radar level meter will also have many failures, one of which is called no-echo failure. Many people do not know what caused it, let alone how to deal with it. In order to ensure the safe and stable operation of the radar level meter, the editor combines two working conditions to analyze the reasons and solutions for the no-echo failure of the radar level meter.

The first working condition

Working conditions: Under normal temperature and pressure, there is a small amount of steam, and the measuring medium is gypsum slurry.


Problem: jump, no signal.


Analysis of the reasons:

①The working condition is complicated.

②The radar installation position is too close to the tank wall. ③The bottom of the tank is inclined.


Solution: Change the range, adjust the echo threshold and envelope amplitude, and empty the tank to learn the false echo curve.


The second working condition


Working conditions: sewage treatment


Problem: Jump


Reason analysis: There is interference under the water well, and the radar is installed under the iron pipe and is interfered.


Solution: Adjust the installation position and adjust the radar parameters.


From these two examples, we conclude that an important reason for the no-echo failure of the radar level gauge is the improper installation of the radar level meter. If the radar level meter is installed too close to the tank wall or not perpendicular to the measured medium, the microwave pulse will not reach the designated position and will not return in the same way, thus failing to detect the signal. In this case, the best solution is to adjust the mounting position so that the signal returns to the normal track. 

In fact, in addition to the above two situations, there are also many situations that can cause the radar level meter to have no echo failure. For example, radar antennas are contaminated or have accessories on the antenna, and low-dielectric liquids can also have no-echo failures due to their weak transmission capabilities.


In short, if you encounter specific problems and analyze them in detail, if there are any problems that cannot be solved during the use process, remember to consult the merchant in order to better solve the problem. Hope this article was helpful to you today!

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