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What need to pay attention to the installation and commissioning of ultrasonic level meter?

What need to pay attention to the installation and commissioning of ultrasonic level meter?


In the measurement industry, magnetrol ultrasonic level transmitter is a very practical instrument, which is mainly made of ABS and other related materials, with good waterproof and explosion-proof effect, and the probability of failure of ultrasonic level meter is also very low. When measuring, it does not need to contact with the medium at all, it is non-contact. In the ultrasonic level meter, the transducer plays a very important role. It is related to whether the measuring instrument can obtain data and ensure the normal operation of the level meter. In fact, the measurement accuracy of the ultrasonic level meter is not only related to the accuracy of the instrument itself, the installation and commissioning of the instrument also has a very important role.

Ultrasonic level meter installation and commissioning, there are the following points need to be noted.

1, the ultrasonic level transmitter manufacturer is installed in a place where it can contact the medium, so that it will not encounter obstacles in the detection process, reduce the measurement error and improve the measurement accuracy.

2, ultrasonic level meter transducer receiving and transmitting, there is a certain distance range that can not be measured, that is, the blind area. Since it cannot be identified, in order to improve its measurement accuracy, it should try to be outside the blind zone when measuring the z-high level.

3、When testing the ultrasonic level meter, you should observe whether the solid material is flat and choose a reasonable installation position so that the transducer can well measure the average height of the measured material.

4、When installing the ultrasonic level meter, care should be taken to avoid zero reflection. If the ultrasonic level meter sends out pulse sound waves but cannot receive them, the detection instrument will not be able to complete the detection work, and there will be errors, which will affect the measurement accuracy of the measuring instrument.

The above and you share a few ultrasonic level meter installation and commissioning problems need to pay attention to, more about the use of radar level meter products can consult us.

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