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Why can't RF-conductance level switches measure ore?

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Why can't RF-conductance level switches measure ore?

Why can't RF-conductance level switches measure ore?


The working principle of RF-conductance level switch is to realize level measurement and control through the change of reactance (capacitance and impedance) between the probe and the tank body sensed by the probe. Its internal electronic unit, by the probe measuring pole and the reactance between the unloaded tank together constitute a balanced bridge circuit and generate a stable oscillation signal, when the measured medium covered probe measuring pole, will cause the probe measuring pole and the tank between the reactance changes lead to the bridge circuit is not balanced and stop generating oscillation signals, the latter circuit detects this change and thus output an alarm signal.

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In practical applications, RF-conductance level switches are mainly used for the measurement of fly ash. So, why can't RF-conductivity level switches be used to measure ore slag?

Because the design principle of rf admittance level switch is based on the measurement of power plant dust fly ash design, the requirements of the measured medium dielectric constant is relatively stable.

When used to measure the ore slag, the material ratio will change, and the uneven mix of particle sizes, wet and dry alternating changes, and more dust flying and other factors, which will lead to unstable dielectric constant. Uneven mixing of particle size will also lead to the probe and the ore slag can not be completely contact. At the same time, this lumpy solid material in the process of discharging will have a greater impact on the measuring instrument, and on the RF-conducting level switch probe caused by different degrees of wear and tear or even destruction.

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Some RF level switches need to be calibrated after installation, which makes it impossible to be used in conditions where the physical and chemical properties of the medium change frequently or the dielectric constant of the medium changes frequently, resulting in unreliable measurement and false alarms.

Therefore, in the selection of radio frequency conductivity level switch, should first confirm the site conditions, and according to the requirements of the characteristics of the working conditions for selection. Otherwise, it is difficult to ensure the accuracy of the measurement results if the selected rf admittance level switch is not matched with the working conditions on site. Generally speaking, the site needs to confirm the relevant specific parameters are mainly the density of the measured medium, temperature, pressure, insertion depth, the type and specifications of the process connection.

Guangdong Kaidi Energy Technology Co., Ltd. offers a wide range of level switches for users to choose from, such as KD YH100 vibrating bar level switches, KD series of tuning fork level switches, KD SS86 rotary level switches, and KD NL200 RF-conductance level switches, according to users' needs under different working conditions. Users can choose the right level switch for different working conditions to avoid inaccurate measurement.

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