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Magnetic Flip-Flop Level Gauge Principle Animation Demonstration

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Magnetic Flip-Flop Level Gauge Principle Animation Demonstration

Magnetic Flip-Flop Level Gauge Principle Animation Demonstration


It works according to the principle of buoyancy and magnetic coupling. When the magnetic liquid level gauge in the measured vessel rises and falls, the float in the main tube of the magnetic flap level gauge rises and falls with it, and the permanent magnet inside the float is transferred to the field indicator through magnetic coupling to drive the red and white flip columns to turn over 180 °, and when the level rises, the flip columns turn from white to red, and when the level falls, the flip columns turn from red to white, and the indicator's red and white boundaries are the actual height of the liquid level of the medium in the vessel, thus realizing the liquid level indication. Liquid level indication.

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Local display and remote control are possible. When used for remote control, the magnets and sensors (reed switches) in the float act to change the number of components (such as fixed-value resistors) connected in series into the circuit, which in turn changes the electrical quantity of the meter circuit system. In other words, the change in the position of the magnetic float causes a change in the electrical quantity.

The change in electrical quantity is detected to reflect the liquid level in the vessel. It can directly output resistance value signals, or cooperate with the use of the transmission module, output current value (4 ~ 20mA) signals; at the same time with other converters, output voltage signals or switch signals. This enables remote transmission, analysis and control of electrical signals.

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Magnetic Flip Flop Level Gauge has direct reading feature with in situ display. There is no need to combine multiple level meters.

Because of the magnetic coupling isolator closed structure. Especially suitable for flammable, explosive and corrosive toxic liquid level detection. So that the original complex environment of the liquid level detection means to become simple and reliable security.

According to the different installation positions, there are side-mounted magnetic flap level gauge, top-mounted liquid level meter.

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Scope of application:

Widely used in petroleum processing, food processing, chemical industry, activated carbon dosage device, lime dosage system, potassium permanganate dosage equipment, dosing equipment, pharmaceutical, electric power, papermaking, metallurgy, ships and boilers and other fields of liquid level measurement, control and monitoring.

Advantages: Magnetic float level meter can achieve high sealing, anti-leakage and suitable for high temperature, high pressure, corrosion-resistant occasions. For high temperature, high pressure, poisonous, harmful, strong corrosive media to show its superiority.

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