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Things to Consider Before Buying Flow Instruments

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Things to Consider Before Buying Flow Instruments

Things to Consider Before Buying Flow Instruments


Do you deal in natural gas or you are a part of the company that regulates the water trades or agreements? Flow instrumentation is the most crucial equipment that can play a pivotal role in regulating fluid flow and ensuring an adequate amount of fluid at the required time. 

Nevertheless, choosing the best flow instrumentation can be a tedious task no matter whether you are a new or seasoned personnel. 

This guide is specially crafted for people like you who are navigating challenges in finding a flow meter according to their specifications. Ranging from things to consider while buying to the reliable manufacturer for flow instrumentation, this article offers all the information you need to know about flow meters.

Things to Consider Before Buying Flow Instruments

Besides cost, there are many other important factors that you must consider before buying flow instruments. Here is a brief overview of the factors that you should keep in mind while finalizing a flow meter. 

Process Media

The attributes of process media are one of the most important factors to consider as various flow meters are designed to give their best performance at specific operating conditions and with different fluids. 

For instance, a flow meter having wetted moving parts like a turbine meter does not perform well with dirty fluids as they are more prone to mechanical wear and tear. On the other hand, a propeller meter can be used to measure the fluids having small amounts of dirt, sand, or other contaminants. 

Flow Profile/Viscosity

Another important factor that is important while buying a flow meter to measure fluid is the viscosity of the fluid. In the case of viscous fluids, it is better to use a positive displacement meter as the fluid having laminar flow attributes suits this type of flow meter. 

However, in the case of viscous fluids with slow flow rates like oils or honey, a volumetric flow meter is a better option.

On the other hand, in the case of thin or less viscous fluids having a turbulent flow, the turbine meter is useful. This is because it measures the speed of the fluid by estimating the angular velocity that is directly associated with fluid velocity. 

Flow Rate

The information about the flow rate is also very critical as it determines which size of the flow meter will work for the chosen application. The size of the flow meter if not determined accurately may either lead to the failure or damage of internal constituents. 

Therefore, as a thumb rule, the size of the flow meter should be capable of achieving 20-80% of maximum flow corresponding with maximum and minimum flow rates. 

Do you know what will be the benefit of choosing such a flow meter? Choosing the flow meter size using this thumb rule will help the flow meter exhibit optimal performance and durability. 


Some applications demand a particular level of accuracy for the chosen flow instrument as imprecise reading may lead to a quality or financial loss. 

For instance, flow meters that are intended to be used to control chemical feed may need enhanced accuracy than those that are required for general water tracking. 

Temperature and Pressure

Conditions like temperature and pressure while performing any function are also worth considering when choosing a flow meter. Like flow rate, the temperature, and pressure determine the capability of the flow meter to bear the impacts of thermal energy and other external forces exerted while fluid flow. 

In addition to this, temperature determines whether the electronic instrument should be mounted across the meter or remote-mounted. Similarly, the operating pressure of the application or function must not exceed the permissible limit of the flow meter as it will deform the meter or disturb its accuracy. 

Location and Installation

You can only achieve the required accuracy and high performance when installed at the proper location. Are you confused about what is meant by inaccurate installation?

Inaccurate installation refers to the forceful installation of a flow meter within an existing plant or fitting in a tight site. 

When you are deciding on installing a flow meter, you should consider material, piping size, direction, and configuration. For instance, the piping configuration must be designed in a way that the flow meter is always full of fluid. The direction of the pipe is also significant as it determines whether the flow meter should be installed vertically or horizontally. 


In the case of some utilities, only those flow meters are preferred that comply with certain certifications. These certifications may include but are not limited to ISO 9001 certification NSF-61, NSF-372, and NIST accreditation. 

Why Choose Kaidi - Top Five Reasons

news-Kaidi Sensors-Things to Consider Before Buying Flow Instruments-img

Besides considering these important factors, selecting a reliable manufacturer is equally important to get a high-performing and cost-effective flow instrumentation. 

Kaidi Sensors aims to offer a wide range of customized solutions to automate the industrial processes of numerous industries.

No matter whether these industrial processes involve fluid flow, material level, or special temperature or pressure conditions, Kaidi Sensors offers the most reliable solution.

It is a level indicator manufacturer and has been striving hard since 2012 to offer innovative, consistent, reliable, and customized automation solutions to industries.

With its 20 years of experience in industrial automation, choosing Kaidi Sensors will enable you to enjoy the following benefits

● Offers a wide range of products

● Provide high-quality customer services according to their needs

● Organize technical seminars with clients to further clarify the specifications

● Offer workable quotations

● Capable of doing mass production

What Type of Flow Instruments are Available at Kaidi - Product Highlights

Whether you need a vortex or turbine flow meter or you are looking for more advanced flow meters like electromagnetic or ultrasonic flow meters, Kaidi offers a wide range of flow instrumentation, so you can select the one that suits your requirements.

Moreover, if the available flow meters do not fulfill your requirements, you can always request customization and tailor the flow meter according to your needs.

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Let’s explore what type of flow meters are available at Kaidi Sensors

Kaidi QTLU Vortex Flow Meter - Best for Natural Gas/Compressed Air

 news-Things to Consider Before Buying Flow Instruments-Kaidi Sensors-img


It is designed to measure gas or compressed air in chemical, petroleum, metallurgical coal, electric power, and other industries. Besides offering a wide range of flow ranges, some of its competitive features are:

● Compact structure

● High-performance

● New signal processing amplifier

● High anti-interference capability

● Energy efficient

● Reliable anti-theft functionality

Kaidi Electromagnetic Flow Meter - Best for Wastewater/Chemicals

 news-Kaidi Sensors-Things to Consider Before Buying Flow Instruments-img-1

It is designed especially to meet the requirements of water supply companies as it can help in finalizing the water trades and measurements by optimizing the water flow. Some of its competitive features are:

● Digital signal processing

● High accuracy

● Automatic two-way flow measurement

● Unlimited transmission of GSM data

Final Words

To conclude, accurate fluid measurement is necessary whenever you are dealing with fluids to ensure optimal use of resources and high performance. Flow instrumentation is the best gadget in this regard, however, some important factors like process media, temperature, pressure, fluid viscosity, flow rate, and certification must be kept in mind while purchasing it.

Moreover, you should always choose a reliable manufacturer like Kaidi Sensors which offers a wide range of flow meters and is also willing to offer customized solutions according to your needs.



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