How to choose normal electromagnetic flowmeter grounding electrode, lining, ring and other parameters?

by:KAIDI     2021-01-27
How to correctly select and determine the electromagnetic flowmeter grounding electrode, lining, ring and other related parameters? Come to & ndash; — Follow me learn together! Electromagnetic flowmeter lectotype correctly use electromagnetic flowmeter is the premise of guarantee with good electromagnetic flowmeter. Should choose what kind of electromagnetic flowmeter is based on the current body to determine the physical properties and chemical properties of the medium, the sizes of electromagnetic flowmeter, flow range, lining materials, electrode materials and the output current, etc. , can adapt to be the nature and properties of flow and flow requirements. Fluid can be measured by the principle of electromagnetic flowmeter, electromagnetic flowmeter measurement can choose flow of fluid must be conductive, strictly speaking, in addition to the high temperature fluid, as long as the electrical conductivity is greater than 5 & mu; Any fluid/cm chooses the corresponding electromagnetic flowmeter to measure flow, so there is no conductive gas, steam, oils, acetone and other material can't choose electromagnetic flowmeter to measure flow rate. Determine the sensor size of flowmeter using the velocity of the best in 0. 3 - Within the scope of 15 m/s, this time the meter diameter can choose pipe size is consistent with the users. Using the velocity is lower than 0. Had better be in when 3 m/s instrument parts local improve velocity, the shrinkage tube. Electrode electromagnetic flowmeter, electromagnetic flowmeter should be the choice of grounding ring material according to the fluid being measured corrosive to select electrode material, manual, please check the corrosion test should be done for special fluid electromagnetic flowmeter lining material selection should be according to the measured medium corrosion resistance, wear resistance and temperature to choose lining materials. The selection of electromagnetic flowmeter flow range maximum flow and minimum flow must conform to the value in the table below. Electromagnetic flowmeter installation instructions 1, try to avoid the ferromagnetic objects and has a strong electromagnetic field devices ( Such as big motor, transformer, etc. ) To avoid the magnetic field of magnetic field effect sensor and traffic signals. 2, should be installed in a dry and ventilated place, should not be installed in damp, easy seeper place. 3, should try to avoid weathered, avoid environmental temperature above 60 ℃ and relative humidity greater than 95%. 4, choose to facilitate maintenance and convenient place. 5, flow meter should be installed in the pump back end, never on the suction side of the installation; The valve should be installed in the flow downstream. 6, the sensor can be installed on the straight path, also can be installed in horizontal or inclined pipe, but asked the center of the second electrode connection is in a state level. 7, medium in the installation position should be full pipe flow, are attached to the electrode to avoid than full pipe and gas. 8, for liquid-solid two-phase fluid, vertical installation, had better use made attrition uniform in the sensors, prolong service life. 9, install location medium disaffection tube flowmeter, flow can take up half the backend line method, the full package, it is forbidden to install the meter in a highest point and the outlet pipe.
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