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What is the principle of use of glass plates?

What is the principle of use of glass plates?


The glass plate level gauge is designed according to the principle of the communicating device. The liquid channel composed of the glass plate and the main body of the level gauge is connected with the container to be measured through a flange or a tapered pipe thread to form a communication device. The liquid level observed through the glass plate is the same as the liquid level in the container, that is, the liquid level height.

There are two types of glass plate level gauges: transmission type and reflection type. According to the color classification, they can be divided into two-color glass plate level gauges and monochromatic glass plate level gauges. For high temperature and corrosive media, mica gaskets can be added to slow down the corrosion of the media to the glass plate. The Cork valve is installed at the upper and lower flange joints of the glass plate, and the internal steel ball has the function of a check valve. When the liquid level gauge is accidentally damaged and leaked, the steel ball will automatically close the liquid channel under the action of the medium pressure to prevent a large amount of liquid from flowing out and play a safety protection role.


Product features of glass level gauge:

1. The reading is clear, intuitive and reliable.

2. Simple structure and easy maintenance.

3. Durable, it is a reasonable instrument for observing the liquid level position of various medium and low pressure containers.


Notes for installing and using the glass plate level gauge:

 1. During the installation process, in order to ensure the automatic sealing function, the liquid in the container must have a certain pressure, which must be at least greater than 0.3 MPa. When opening the upper and lower valves, the exit rotation of the valve stem should not be less than four revolutions, and the steel ball sealing door will not touch the top of the valve stem to avoid damage.

2. In the process of transportation and unpacking, be careful not to touch hard objects, so as not to break the glass plate.

3. Also pay attention to the specifications and models, and do not install level gauges with inappropriate specifications. Some media have restrictions on the level gauge, for example, some media that have a corrosive effect on glass plates or steel plates cannot be used.

4. Other maintenance, cleaning, disassembly and installation methods are similar to those of glass tube level gauges.

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