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How to deal with working conditions where steam is generated?

How to deal with working conditions where steam is generated?


The simplest working conditions are shoals, rivers, lakes, etc. These working conditions do not need to consider temperature and pressure, do not consider steam bubbles, and so on. However, the operating conditions for the application of radar level gauges are more than these. Some operating conditions require a lot of consideration, such as process tanks. Some consider not only the obstacles in the tank, but also the high temperature and high pressure, but also the steam foam. In view of these conditions, how should we respond? Today, let's first understand how to respond to the conditions where steam is generated.


I remember, I read an article before, which mainly introduced a domestic Jiuquan Steel Coking Plant. The plant installed a radar level gauge in the blast condensate tank. In the initial stage, everything was used normally, the measurement was accurate, and the data was stable. But after a period of time, the phenomenon of wave loss appeared. After disassembly and inspection, the problem was not found. After reinstallation, the problem was solved and everything was normal. This problem has been repeated many times and has not been fundamentally resolved.

In the blast condensate tank, it stands to reason that only water vapor will affect the radar level meter. However, the radar level gauge is hardly affected by water vapor. What is the cause of the loss of waves? Professionals have conducted many experiments and studies and found that it is not the water vapor that caused the interference to the radar level gauge, but that the water vapor formed condensed water on the antenna when the temperature decreased. The condensed water on the antenna interfered with the transmission and reflection of the radar level gauge. Later, the plant added a purge device to the blast condensate tank, and the problem was solved.


In fact, for the abnormal measurement of the radar level gauge caused by this reason, the solution can not only increase the purge device, but also replace the antenna type. If the rod antenna is replaced, the rod antenna can make the condensed water flow away along the antenna without disturbing the transmission and reflection of radar waves.

In summary, there are many situations where there are problems in working conditions where steam is generated. Before solving the problem, it is necessary to analyze what caused the radar level gauge to measure. According to the reason, find the most suitable solution.


Regardless of the reason for the inaccurate measurement of the radar level gauge, the reason should be found to solve the problem fundamentally.

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