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How to solve the flange connection failure of the magnetic flap level gauge?

How to solve the flange connection failure of the magnetic flap level gauge?


Magnetic flap level gauges are very suitable for level measurement of flammable, explosive and dangerous corrosive liquid media in chemical sites. When we use the magnetic flap level gauge, we must first keep it in a fixed state, and the whole is perpendicular to the ground. At this time, the flange connection comes in great use. Once the flange connection has a problem, the magnetic flap level gauge will be unstable when it is used later, which will cause its measurement to be inaccurate. So what are the common faults in the flange connection of the magnetic flap level gauge? How do we solve it? Next, I will give you a brief introduction.

 (1) Sealing surface leakage: Leakage occurs at the joint of the flange part. It is probably because the surface of the sealing surface has long-term adhesion and dirt. We need to clean it regularly. Sometimes improper link operation can also cause direct damage to the sealing surface, so be careful when installing.


(2) Insufficient operation of the valve stem is also a serious failure. The reason for this type of failure is that the joint is too tight or the stem nut is damaged. Regularly clean the valve stem parts and surrounding parts, and replace them immediately if there are signs of damage.

(3) Stuffing box leakage: The stuffing box leakage is because the gland of the stuffing box is biased during connection and installation. We need to readjust the gland and then re-compact it with a uniform force.


(4) Leakage in the middle of the magnetic flap level gauge: This may be caused by the tightening of the bolts of the flange connection or the unevenness of the tightness. We opened the bolts and re-positioned and adjusted.


Some of the above faults are what we need to pay attention to and be careful when using the magnetic flap level gauge. The magnetic flap level gauge itself is a very good measuring instrument, but if we can’t use it correctly or right If it is not well maintained, it is naturally difficult to make it effective. The magnetic flap level gauge measuring instrument currently launched by our company is in great demand in the market, indicating that its product quality is still trustworthy. Buying my level gauge products is guaranteed to not let you down.

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