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Kaidi 6GHz Intelligent Radar Level Meter

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Kaidi 6GHz Intelligent Radar Level Meter

Kaidi 6GHz Intelligent Radar Level Meter



    6GHz radar level gauge is suitable for liquid, paste, granule and block material level and non-contact measurement, suitable for changes in temperature, pressure big; there is an inert gas and volatile.

The measurement method of microwave pulse, can work normally in the industrial frequency band range. The beam energy is low, can be installed on all kinds of metal, non-metallic container or pipe, no harm to human body and environment.

Explosion-Proof Connection 

  The intrinsic safety version sensors (Exia IIc T6) use Alu-die casting housing and filling Silicone rubber sealants internal structure aimed to prevent sparks resulted from circuit failure from leaking out. It is applicable for the continuous level measurement of flammable medium under Exia IIc T6.

A safety barrier FBS-2 must be used together with the intrinsic safety instrument. It is an associated device to this product for the power supply of this product. The main specification is intrinsic safety: Exia IIC, voltage of power supply: 24V DC±5%, short-circuit current: 135mA, operating current: 4...20mA.

All cables must be shielded. The max length is 500m for the cable from the barrier to the sensor. Stray capacitor0.1μF/Km, stray inductance 1mH/Km. Instrument must be connected to the ground potential. Any unapproved associated device is not allowed to be used.


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