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How to choose the right one formaterial level meter gray powder material measurement?

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How to choose the right one formaterial level meter gray powder material measurement?

How to choose the right one formaterial level meter gray powder material measurement?


Ash level measurement instruments has always been a difficult problem in power plants because most of the ash delivery systems use time control, and the time setting is relatively conservative and safe due to the unstable amount of feed to the ash tanks, which results in the silo pumps delivering very little ash but using a large amount of compressed air. If the amount of ash is relatively large, it is too late to empty the ash, the ash container will accumulate a large amount of ash, seriously affecting production. Then it is vital to choose a suitable material level meter. At present, in the measurement of ash level in the power plant, there are radar material level meter and radio frequency conductive material level meter, which are often used, and they can accomplish the task well. But the dust hopper of the electric precipitator and the ash conveyor system of the bin pump', can use radar level meter and radio frequency conductivity level meter or ultrasonic level meter?

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The dust hopper of the electrostatic precipitator and the silo pump of the ash conveyor system can not be top-mounted due to process equipment and technology, so ultrasonic level meter, radar level meter, radio frequency conductivity level meter, can not be used. In the installation method, the radio frequency conductivity level switch must be opened in the body of the apparatus, and the probe must be inserted for contact measurement. Equipment within the harsh environment, especially the electric dedusting hopper, internal high temperature, ash inevitably attached to the instrument probe, although the radio frequency conductivity level meter can effectively anti-adhesion to solve the problem of hanging material, but in this poor working conditions there is still measurement inaccuracy and the possibility of damage. In addition, although the price of radio frequency conductivity level meter is relatively cheap, but often need to be replaced, the maintenance value is large, the cost is higher. In the choice of gray silo level measurement, due to the high height of the silo, space, fly ash is serious, ultrasonic level meter can not penetrate the large dust, can not work properly, so it can not be selected. If radar level meter is used, the system will accumulate a lot of dust in the flare after running for a period of time, which will affect the measurement.

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Although it is possible to use the method of installing a blowing device, it does not completely solve the problem of dust accumulation. It also requires regular cleaning to increase instrument maintenance, so it is not very applicable. Heavy hammer level meter anti-dust interference ability is strong not affected by the media dielectric constant, conductivity, thermal conductivity of the advantages of more suitable for the accumulation of dust level measurement but try to avoid the use of the use of the installation of power inputs, obstacles and other interfering factors, due to the fact that it has a mechanical part, although the structure is simple, but the risk of mechanical failure still exists.In the ash level measurement, passive nucleus level meter does not need to contact with the measured medium, no matter how bad the environment is, there is no effect on it, the measurement is the total amount of ash at the installation location, the amount of ash on the wall of the vessel and the actual volume of the container after all, the difference in the total amount of material is very large, so it can distinguish between hanging material or the actual level of the material, overcoming the problem of hanging material, maintenance and replacement of the convenient.

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In addition, the passive nucleus level meter can not only output switching value, but also can output analog value. But passive nuclear level meter also has a disadvantage, one is the high cost, another it can not be measured continuously, but the current equipment in the material level of the high and low judgment 'can also be able to respond to the location of the measurement point of the material level changes'. By installing multiple passive nuclear level meters at different locations on the ash bank, the level of the ash bank can be judged to be roughly the same as the level of the material to achieve the purpose of indirect continuous measurement of the material level.

Power plant equipment in many, so you can use the material level meter is not a few, a variety of instruments have their own strengths and weaknesses, selection according to their own conditions, costs and other needs of comprehensive selection can be.

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