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by:Kaidi Sensors     2020-12-26
Instrument and meter plant to let you know more knowledge of the vortex flow meter; Compared with other kinds of vortex flowmeter flowmeter in time later. Since the 1970 s began work on application, however, obtained the rapid development of vortex flowmeter. According to the data shows, at present the world's major industrialized countries use the sharp rise in the proportion of vortex flowmeter, has been widely used in various fields, even will flow meter certainly leading position in the future. This flowmeter exactly where magic? When using need to pay attention to what problem? Kaidi instrument moments for you today. All measuring principle of vortex flowmeters vortex flowmeter is based on the principle of karman vortex street, so what is the specific? Karman vortex street principle is American Hungarian scientists von karman vortex street & middot; Carmen: to observe and study the phenomenon in 1911 when fluid to bypass the fluid linear objects, objects wake left and right sides of the other pairs, alternate arrangement of antisymmetric vortices, rotating in opposite directions. In the karman vortex street, according to strouhal study, relationship of Sr = fd/V, that is, the flow around a cylinder, the vortex street every single vortex frequency is proportional to the flow velocity V, f is inversely proportional to the cylinder diameter. The Sr to strouhal constant, dimensionless, it with spiral body shape and Reynolds number. How to use of vortex flowmeters are good? After the installation of vortex flowmeters are chosen, the first to face is the problem of vortex street flowmeter installation. So what are the need to pay attention to when installation? ( 1) Meter should be horizontal or vertical installed on and corresponding engineering drift diameter pipe. Due to the nature of vortex flowmeter, in order to realize accurate measuring, must pay attention to ensure slow tube measurement, so the vortex flowmeter in horizontal pipe runs generally should choose the lowest part installed in the pipeline, a vertical line, the flow of fluid should be from the bottom up. ( 2) When used as flow control vortex flowmeter, should pay special attention to the flow control valve installed in the back of the flowmeter, otherwise easy to appear when small flow jet, appeared flow regulation by the phenomenon of the flow rate is inversely proportional to the valve opening. ( 3) Vortex street flowmeter for straight pipe before and after the very demanding, flow meter to safeguard has 10 to 40 pipe diameters upstream and downstream of not less than five pipe diameters. Length of straight pipe upstream by upstream presence of right-angle bend, enlarging or reducing pipe. Special note that in the case of meet the requirements, the flowmeter should choose as far as possible installed on the straight pipe before and after as far as possible big pipe location. ( 4) Measurement of temperature and pressure temperature take pressure points should be set in the export of five times the diameter vortex flowmeter accident. ( 4) Vortex street flowmeter installation to avoid strong vibration, power frequency interference signals, if you can't avoid these situations, shock absorption and shielding measures shall be taken to minimize distractions. ( 5) In the heat pipe, vortex flow meter must be installed vertically downward. Daily maintenance of vortex flowmeters have no moving parts, so in normal use, less maintenance workload. Task: to check the instrument daily maintenance of accumulation is normal; Check instrument power supply is normal. Check the instrument fittings for damage and corrosion; Check the instrument line is damaged and corrosion; Look at the table body and process piping joint leaks; Check the instrument electric junction box and electronic component box seal are in good condition, etc. When the measured medium is dirty or easy scaling, the lining should be regular cleaning flowmeter, when cleaning should protect the spiral body and detecting probe, be careful not to touch the wound surface with sharp edges. Detection amplifier shell cover should be moderately tight after wiring debugging, to ensure its tightness. When making maintenance inspection shall not be liquid and debris in the shell. 1: common malfunctions after the electricity flow in the pipeline flow, but no signal output. Processing method: check instrument wiring is correct, do you have any break. Check the instrument installation direction is correct. Check whether the flow rate is lower than the normal flow range. Phenomenon of 2: power on the pipe fluid flow, but has signal output. Processing method: check instrument grounding, whether bad earth introduce interference. Check if there is a strong mechanical vibration pipe. Check whether there is a strong electromagnetic interference environment, such as high-power electrical appliances or inverter, high voltage equipment. Phenomenon: the pipe fluid flow stability and conform to the requirements of the traffic, but the output change is too big, not stable. Methods: check whether the pipe is too introduce interference vibration. Check whether the ground is good. Phenomenon of 4: after electricity flow in the pipeline flow, but no signal output. Methods: to check whether there is fault instrumentation amplifier. Check whether the detecting element is damaged. Phenomenon 5: no electricity the pipe flow, but has a signal output. Methods: check the transducer sensitivity. Sensor fault simple judgment method: using multimeter to measure the insulation resistance of the two signal lines when the temperature higher than 200 & deg; C, the insulation resistance should be greater than 10 ohms. When the temperature is below 200 & deg; C, the insulation resistance shall be greater than 2 ohms. If do not conform to the requirements specification testing insulation resistance probe possible failure. A simple judgment method to detect amplifier faults: by hand in detecting amplifier probe sensor signal input end, lead can roughly judge whether fault detection amplifier. If no signal reflecting possible fault detection amplifier. The above article kaidi instrument equipment factory for your reference
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