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Tuning Fork Level Switch Common Failures and Handling

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Tuning Fork Level Switch Common Failures and Handling

Tuning Fork Level Switch Common Failures and Handling


The tuning fork level switch is a reliable and widely used liquid level measurement and control switch in industrial production, which is commonly found in the level measurement of tap water, beverage, waste water, glue, pulp, dye, acid and alkali solution and other liquids. However, if a reliable product is not operated and used properly, it will still lead to frequent failures. Therefore, it is very important to understand the common failures of tuning fork level switches and do a good job of fault prevention and treatment. The following is a discussion of the common failures of tuning fork level switches and processing.

tuning fork level switch

                                                                                                                                                                                Level measurement for pulp applications

I. Common Failures and Handling

 Generally speaking, when the tuning fork level switch fails, the electronic parts, power supply, installation position, vibration fork body and so on are the most likely several parts. When there are faults in these locations, we should first check the output signals and further analyze the causes of the faults according to the different performances of the output signals, and take corresponding measures to deal with the corresponding faults. For specific methods, please refer to the general fault analysis table.

General Failure Analysis Table                                                                                                                                  

Fault type

Cause analysis


Tuning Fork Level Switch Error Report on Dry Run Protection or Overflow Protection

Operating voltage too low

Check the operating voltage

Damage to electronic components

Toggle the high and low mode switches and when the meter switches as a result, the vibrating fork body may be covered with adhesions or mechanically damaged. If the switch functions incorrectly despite the correct mode of operation, send the meter for service

Toggle the high and low mode switch, if the meter does not switch thereafter, it means that the electronic components are bad, please replace the electronic components

Incorrect mounting position

Install the meter in a location in the vessel where it will not form a dead zone or bubble buildup

Attachment on the fork body

Check for adhesions on the fork body, if any are found, remove them

High and low bit mode selection error

Reset the correct high and low modes (overflow protection, dry run protection)

Indicator light appears to be blinking red

Fork damage

Check that the fork bodies are not damaged or heavily corroded

Damage to electronic components

Replacement of electronic components

Damage to other parts of the meter

Replacement of meter or repair


tuning fork level switch for solids

Second, on the replacement of electronic components

 In the above table, when the electronic components are damaged or malfunctioning, in order to enable the meter to continue to be used normally, as a troubleshooting measure, we recommend that users replace the electronic components in a timely manner.

If the explosion-proof tuning fork level switch for solids has malfunctioned and the electronic parts need to be replaced, care should be taken to ensure that the electronic parts meet the corresponding explosion-proof requirements when replacing the electronic parts, and that the correct operating procedures are followed strictly in accordance with the instructions.  

In addition, in the design, because most of the tuning fork level switches use common electronic components, so in the event of a failure, these components can be used to replace each other, so that it is convenient to promptly investigate whether the corresponding components have failed. However, when replacing the components, if the signal output of the electronic components is different, attention should be paid to make corresponding adjustments and select the electronic components that meet the requirements.

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