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Radar level meter common troubleshooting methods introduced

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Radar level meter common troubleshooting methods introduced

Radar level meter common troubleshooting methods introduced


Radar level meter mainly has the following excellent performance: high accuracy of continuous measurement, small dead zone of liquid level measurement, large measuring range, strong resistance to low temperature and high pressure and small influence by the characteristics of the medium and the use of non-contact measurement method and other advantages. In recent years, radar level meter with these excellent performance, in the petrochemical industry has been widely implemented and used.

However, in the actual application, the measured object is more complex, plus there are similar to high temperature and high pressure high corrosion, as well as foam, stirring, steam and many other reasons of external influence, radar level meter also need to carry out relevant maintenance, so as to better ensure the better use of radar level meter and selection.

Today, the radar level meter some common troubleshooting methods, I believe it will help you to better use the radar level meter in the future!

1, the display value is not accurate.

Radar level meter in use will appear inaccurate display values, we need to understand the causes. Many times such a situation may be the initial setting of the contrast is not appropriate or the reality of the module plug-in connection is incorrectly caused. At this time once found that the radar level meter display value is not visible, it should be the initial settings check, and check the reality of the module plug-in connection, if these two are normal, we must continue to deepen check the radar level meter input current, if the input current is less than 3.5mA, at this time can be judged to be the electronic module of the radar level meter failure, need to replace the electronic module of the 80 ghz radar level transmitter in a timely manner. If the input current is greater than 22mA, it can be identified as the radar level meter display module failure, the need to stop using and timely replacement of the module

2、Check whether the power supply can be normal.

When the level of the radar gauge to a certain value after the change is very slow, it is necessary to check the power supply state of the radar level meter in time. General level change is slow or perhaps no change, you need to check as soon as possible whether the fuse of the device is burned, if there is no current input, you can simply identify the instrument problems, should be changed or repaired depending on the situation. In addition, the management of the instrument should be enhanced in the process of installation and commissioning to avoid inaccurate setting of the instrument parameters and affect the use. Relevant task personnel also need to enhance the daily maintenance tasks, regular outages for maintenance, so as to ensure the normal operation of the radar level meter instrument.

3、Use temperature.

In order to ensure the normal use of radar level meter, you need to ensure that its external temperature shall not exceed +50 ℃. Generally speaking, the magnetrol radar level gauges are used to measure low-temperature media. Therefore, the radar level meter shell are apparatus made of heat-resistant materials, so usually the external radar level meter will not exceed +50 ℃, if the external electronic components beyond this value, do not use ice water for cooling cooling, ice water not only can not play the role of cooling cooling, but will make the radar level meter paralyzed. The correct method is: you can use purple copper pipe to blow compressed air to the head of the radar, so as to achieve the effect of scientifically reducing the external temperature of the radar level meter.

4、Check whether the communication equipment is normal.

Once the communication equipment is found to be abnormal, you can use the debugging software to read the data of the radar level meter and monitor the working condition of the radar sensor. Secondly, check the radar sensor can accurately determine the difference between reflected echo and false echo, whether the strength of the reflected wave can reach the predetermined specification, if the above test has no effect, it is necessary to check other electronic components, if the communication unit of the radar level meter is judged to be damaged, it is necessary to replace the components, so as to ensure that the communication of the radar level meter is normal. The relevant task force should also enhance the inspection of the communication status of the radar level meter in the daily maintenance tasks, and can use the radar debugging software to access the signal line and apply the regulator to maintain the communication equipment of the radar level meter.

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