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How does a radar level meter measure toxic gases?

How does a radar level meter measure toxic gases?


Some industries inevitably use toxic gases. In order to prevent the leakage of toxic gases, enterprises will take necessary measures to monitor them, and the radar level gauge is one of the most important instruments. So, how to use radar level gauge to measure toxic gas?

I have seen such a case in the data. A domestic enterprise uses a guided wave radar level gauge to measure the level of volatile gases and toxic gases. The temperature of the measured medium is 260°C, the pressure is 3.52kg/cm2, the diameter of the nozzle of the storage tank is 2 inches, the length is 200 mm, and the measurement range is 400 mm to 1850 mm.


In order to control gas leakage, the company chose a coaxial guided wave radar level gauge with flange connection. Technicians installed a manual isolation valve between the tank orifice and the guided wave radar level gauge. When working, the isolation valve is open; when it stops working or the magnetrol radar level gauges needs maintenance, the isolation valve is closed.


This installation method not only solves the problem of toxic gas leakage, but also realizes the purpose of monitoring the toxic gas in real time.


From this case, we learned that when the radar level gauge measures the level of toxic gases, the installation method of adding an isolation valve can be used.

In fact, in addition to this method, there are many ways to control and measure toxic gases. The key is to look at the specific conditions of your own working conditions and what kind of installation method is suitable. Carry out specific analysis and research on working conditions.

The characteristics of toxic gases are different, and the hazards are also slightly different. However, no matter how harmful it is, it will have a certain impact on society. Therefore, as an enterprise, if you use a radar level gauge made by radar level gauge suppliers to measure the level of toxic gases, you must study it carefully and strive to find the most suitable installation method to ensure the safety of yourself, the safety of the surrounding environment and the stability of society.

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