Length of straight pipe flowmeter is insufficient, how should handle

by:KAIDI     2021-02-20
In the installation of traffic time, in order to get the same as the real flow calibration accuracy, flow must meet the prescribed conditions. At present, in addition to the displacement, a few coriolis mass flowmeter, etc, all have specific request for straight pipe length before and after. In the practical engineering, however, due to space limitation, there is no guarantee that a ideal installation location to ensure that the length of the straight pipe; In addition, in some project, in both the pipe flow meter also will have no suitable length. At that time, instrument and meter plant take you to see the engineers tend to adopt the following methods to solve the problem. Modified pipeline is simply with equipment, professional consultation to the existing pipeline to be modified, as shown in the figure below: concessions so-called concession method is of certain indicators to make concessions, this method is widely used in the product quality management. In the chemical production, for example, from the process flow at the end of the product can not meet the first class index, but can reach second index, and then a second storage sales, rather than the scrap, so more profitable in the economy. At the scene of the flowmeter to use, in any case, if the straight pipe length can't meet the requirements, the flow measurement results are not used in trade settlement, it is used for general monitoring or process control, try using the method of concessions. Equipped with flow regulator flow regulator can be used to reduce the length of straight pipe upstream. Cooperate with experiments show that it can be used in any upstream downstream of pipe fittings. Currently in ISO5167 text only on two kinds of flow regulator: 19 root bundle flow type straightening machine and Zanker flow adjusting plate, the flow regulator in the standard list of applicable throttling and choke parts type as well as the specific installation location, etc. Choose suitable models for a variety of different types of flowmeter requirement for straight pipe length difference, if the original of the selected meter long straight pipe requirements, and no matter what also can't satisfy the requirements, shall be for straight pipe length required lower models. Evaluate the impact value and straight pipe length is not enough, the flowmeter increases uncertainty, is due to the velocity distribution in pipe distortion, making the actual flow meter coefficient do not agree with the factory calibration of flow coefficient. If according to the actual length of straight section of pipe type and assembled into a flowmeter with front and rear section, on the flow standard device, calibration station instrument flow coefficient, and supporting the use, and use the flow coefficient calculation flow, would be completely ruled out straight pipe length is not enough for the measured results.
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