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What are the common failures and solutions of float level meter?

What are the common failures and solutions of float level meter?


What are the common failures and solutions of float level meter? This paper mainly discusses this issue.

Float level meter with magnetic float as the measuring element, through the role of magnetic coupling, the resistance of the sensor into a linear change, the intelligent converter will be the resistance change into 4 ~ 20mA standard current signal, and superimposed on the HART signal output or local liquid crystal display, can display the percentage of the liquid level, 4 ~ 20mA current and level value, remote supply to the monitoring room can achieve automatic detection, monitoring and level. record.

Float level meter

Float level meter common failures and solutions

1, the liquid level float meter in the process of maintenance does not indicate the obvious phenomenon.

Solution: Check the float counterweight in the low point, indicating that the liquid level of the instrument is now high. And the process of the site glass plate and instrument indication can not be, is the instrument float off caused by the liquid level high false liquid level phenomenon. You should first turn off the power to repair or replace the float.

2, storage tank float level indicator does not change with the level of the container, has been indicating a large value.

Solution: check whether the float has fallen off, if there is off, reinstallation on the line.

3, float level meter indicates low.

Solution: the float may fall off, the float rod break, the float conversion mechanism is damaged, the float pointer or head damage. If the instrument is pressed to convert the mechanism, the float connecting rod rotates flexibly, the pointer and the head without obstacles, then the float connecting rod should be replaced.

4, float level transmitter suddenly no indication.

Solution: measure the circuit voltage, if there is no signal, a component power supply polarity is not reversed, the current conversion part of the current output, then the instrument head damage, the instrument head should be replaced.

float level indicator

The above is about the float level meter common failures and what are the solutions? This issue of the results of the discussion, if there are other insights or do not understand the place can be left in the comments section to discuss Oh!

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