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How is the Conveyor Protection system working?

How is the Conveyor Protection system working?


Conveyors in mines and quarries for heavy material handling are the most important logistics management asset on the site, delivering the raw or product material from the mine excavation right through to shipping.

They are also one of the highest maintenance costs for the site with frequent (e.g. shift) inspections of drive bearings, idler rollers, conveyor belt condition and tracking, chute blockages, spillage and so on.

The conveyor belts can span from 1 up to 4 meters in width and travel up to speeds of 5-6 m/s, and can cost in the vicinity of $1M to replace for a 1-2 km conveyor length.


Two-way pull cord switch is perfect for protection:

  • Switch working angle
  • Limit point
  • Actuating force
    49N (5kgf)
  • Number of contacts
  • Contact capacity
  • Reset mode
  • Ambient temperature
    -25 ℃ ~ +60 ℃
  • Relative humidity
    less than 85%

Product Description

High-quality stainless steel casting, high strength, never rust, IP67 protection rating, and good sealing. Pull Cord Switch is an emergency switch to stop the belt conveyor instantly when an accident happens. Since the Pull Cord Switch is so designed that it should be installed at the side of belt conveyor and the pull cord should be mounted along conveyor, the switch can be actuated at any position. Weatherproof type: IP67. The internal contact is the high performance micro switch from Japan, with high contact capacity. It can directly control high capacity contactor, with 2 normally open and 2 normally closed output. Additionally, we also produce pull cord switch with the internal contact close to the sensor.

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