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Measuring principle and classification of radar level gauge

Measuring principle and classification of radar level gauge


At present, the demand for crude oil reserves is increasing, the quantity of crude oil is constantly increasing, and higher requirements are also put forward for the performance of oil storage tanks. Liquid level, an important production data of oil storage tanks, is measured when measuring the liquid level. The final measurement result needs to have extremely high accuracy, and the previous manual measurement form has many drawbacks.


1 Measuring principle and classification of radar level gauge

The actual working principle of the radar level gauge is as follows. The radar level gauge uses the internal antenna to transmit electromagnetic waves, and the measured object will reflect the electromagnetic waves on the surface, and then the internal antenna will reflect the electromagnetic waves.

The magnetic wave is received, and the time from electromagnetic wave transmission to reception of the radar level gauge is proportional to the distance from the antenna to the liquid level, and then the magnetic liquid level indicator height is calculated, and the working principle can be simplified as transmission→reflection→reception. Radar level gauges can be divided into two types according to the different working forms of electromagnetic waves: frequency-modulated continuous wave level gauges and pulsed microwave level gauges.

1.1 FM continuous wave level gauge

FM continuous wave liquid level gauge, the working process is that the antenna transmits the signal, and then the measured plane is folded back, and the antenna immediately accepts the echo, and the transmitted signal is the micro-wave signal at this time.

The wave is a chirped continuous wave. The echo received by the antenna, its microwave has been frequency modulated and changed. The frequency difference signal is rapidly converted into a spectral difference, and the measurement distance is calculated.


1.2 Mid-pulse microwave level gauge

The time travel measurement system selected by the pulsed microwave type liquid level meter is "overview type". This system uses an antenna to transmit microwave pulses of a fixed frequency, and the material surface reflects it.

After that, the measurement system receives it immediately. The reflected microwave pulse is received by the antenna and then transmitted to the electronic circuit. After the signal is processed by the microprocessor, the microwave pulse and the echo reflected by the material surface are identified to calculate the magnetel liquid level gauge.



To sum up, the magnetic liquid level gauge has the advantages of high accuracy of measurement results, reasonable measurement method, strong applicability, simple and convenient operation, and high work efficiency.

The position measurement has changed from the previous contact measurement to the non-contact measurement, and the accuracy of the measurement results has been significantly improved. Therefore, it can be seen that the radar level gauge has broad development prospects.

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