How to check of resistance to determine electromagnetic flowmeter sensor component failure

by:Kaidi Sensors     2020-09-29
Electromagnetic flowmeter is a kind of sophisticated electronic flow measuring instrument, in use process will encounter all sorts of problems, this article is through the relevant physical properties for electromagnetic flowmeter sensor checks to determine the fault of electromagnetic flowmeter. Very practical, friends can try when encountered the same problem. 1, daily maintenance, only for electromagnetic flowmeter instrument for periodic visual inspection, inspection instrument surroundings, remove dirt, ensure no water and other substances, check whether the connection is good, check meter ever new strong electromagnetic field near equipment or have new wire across the instrument. If measured medium easy contamination electrode precipitation, scaling, or within the measuring tube wall cleaning scales, cleaning should be done regularly. 2, troubleshooting flowmeter launched after a period of time or normal was put into operation found that operation of the instrument should be * check meter external conditions, such as power supply are in good condition, pipe leakage or in the full package condition, whether there is air bubbles inside the pipeline, signal cable is damaged, the converter output signal ( After the instrument input circuit) If open circuit. Bear in mind that blind overhaul flow meter. 3, sensor inspection shall prepare testing equipment: testing equipment: 500 m & Omega; Insulation resistance tester, a multimeter. Testing procedures: 1) In the case of electromagnetic flowmeter tube filled with medium, the multimeter measuring terminal resistance value between A and B and C, A minus C、B - C resistance between thrown to be equal. If differences in 1 times above, may be electrode, measuring the outer wall of pipe leakage or junction box with condensed water adsorption. ( 2) Under the condition of dry lining, MΩ A - table test C、B - The insulation resistance between C ( Should be greater than 200 m & Omega; ) 。 With A multimeter measuring terminal of A and B and the resistance of the measuring tube two electrodes ( Should be a short circuit connected state) 。 If the insulation resistance is small, the leakage of electrode, a complete set of electromagnetic flowmeter should be returned to the factory maintenance. If the insulation fell but there are still a 50 m & Omega; The above and the step ( 1) Test results is normal, may be measuring the outer wall of pipe be affected with damp be affected with damp, available hot air blower to dry inside the shell. ( 3) The multimeter measure the resistance between one of the X, Y, if more than 200 & Omega; , the excitation coil and the lead wire may be open or poor contact. Remove the terminal board. ( 4) Check the insulation resistance between the X, Y, and C, should be in the 200 m & Omega; Above, if fell, shell internally with hot air drying processing. Coil insulation fall in actual operation will lead to a measurement error increases, meter output signal is not stable.
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