The working principle of differential pressure transmitter

by:KAIDI     2021-01-23
Differential pressure transmitter is the production process automation is an important part of process detection and control system. The function of differential pressure transmitter is to measure the pressure and the process parameters is converted into electricity (corresponding to the same scale Gas) Signal, then the signal is sent to other units, complete the automatic detection or adjust the process parameters. Next, listen to the working principle of differential pressure transmitter manufacturers engineer to introduce the product. 1) Testing and replacement parts which the sensor is used to test the parameters in the process of transformation into electrical signals. At present, the diffusion silicon and electrostatic capacitive pressure sensor of receiver is very important. About measuring pressure P1, P2, added to the isolation plate, pressure by silicone oil is passed on to the measuring plate. Measuring diaphragm is made from thin sheet metal. As the movement of the differential capacitance electrode, under the action of pressure difference, you can move in on both sides of the distance. Measurements on both sides of the diaphragm has two metal electrodes, by measuring the two capacitors of the diaphragm and salient pole can reduce the metal electrodes. Sensing element is one who has a fixed around silicon cup. When the cup monocrystalline silicon thin film when there is a pressure difference of upper and lower side film internal stress is produced. 2) Micro processing parts in general, the function of microcomputer divider is processing module efficiency of transformer. Using the microcomputer distributor ( 规划师) Decisiveness, vividness and operation effect, can complete testing part linearization, distance setting and transformation, zero intermediary, damping time setting, self-diagnosis and communication and so on the many kinds of treatment effect. The microprocessor can also complete D/a module and driving module and performance of digital communication driver, and other functions. 3) Output part due to the current process is defined on the sea surface, the valve calibration model for DC ( DC) 4 ~ 20 ma, for 1 ~ 5 v voltage signal, so the CPU output of digital measuring signal through D/a conversion into a ( DC) 4-20 ma analog output. 4) Telecom parts used for communication between a user and the pressure transmitter of remote communication. Its main function is to: correction of transducer zero and measurement range; Set up a remote medium; According to the parameters of the transmitter. Differential pressure transmitter manufacturers engineer said, at last, we can get proof type, an important part of intelligent pressure transmitter and function to get the base bearing working principle: the pressure signal in the process of production function on the diaphragm of the measuring chamber in the transmitter, the displacement of diaphragm, and the corresponding circuit of converter converts electrical analog signal, then convert digital signal into a/D, sent to the CPU for processing.
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