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Do you know how to deal with these radar level gauge problems?

Do you know how to deal with these radar level gauge problems?


During the use of the radar level gauge, various problems are inevitable. When there is a problem, if the knowledge reserve is sufficient, it will save time and solve the problem quickly. Therefore, it is necessary for us to know more about the processing method of the radar level gauge problem.

In winter, due to the drop in temperature, the antenna is easy to freeze or freeze when the radar level gauge is measuring. For such a problem, the best solution is to install heat tracing and insulation outside the instrument, and regularly check and clean the antenna.


The above problem is relatively easy to solve, but it is more troublesome to solve the false echo problem caused by the bypass pipe. If the bypass pipe is not clean, there are welding seams, welding slag, burrs or impurities attached, the magnetrol radar level gauge is likely to generate false echoes. If you want to solve the problem fundamentally, you need relevant technicians to deal with the bypass pipe, such as cleaning and sanding. However, the editor recommends that friends who adopt this installation method should strictly control the quality when making the bypass pipe, so as to save a series of problems later.

There is a problem with the bypass pipe and the radar level gauge will produce false echoes. Other reasons can also cause the radar level transmitter to generate false echoes. How can we solve false echoes caused by other reasons?


On the radar level gauge debugging software, there is a function called false echo cancellation or false echo storage function. When false echoes affect the measurement of the radar level gauge, we can store the false echoes through software debugging, and then the radar level gauge will filter out the false signals detected later.

Every outcome has its reasons. Therefore, whether it is a problem with the radar level gauge, a problem with the radar level gauge, or a problem with other instruments, what we need to do is to find the cause of the problem. Only when the cause is found can we find a solution based on the cause.

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