Need to be aware of the problems in the process of installation of pressure sensor

by:KAIDI     2021-01-26
Shandong cady remind everybody in the pressure sensor during the installation process should pay attention to: 1, when installation should make transducer pressure sensitive axis perpendicular to the direction of gravity, if the installation conditions, you should adjust the transducer zero after installation fixed to the standard values. 2, residual pressure relief not to come out, so the sensor's zero come down again. Rule out the reason. Preferred method is to remove the sensor, direct look at zero is normal, if zero normal replacement of sealing ring to try again. Three output does not change, pressure transmitter, pressure transmitter output again suddenly changes, pressure transmitter zero return not to go. The reasons for this phenomenon is likely caused by pressure sensor seal ring. 4, whether to conform to the requirements of the power supply; The power and presence of wrong wiring between transducer and load equipment. If there is no voltage or polarity reverse of transmitter terminals can cause transmitter no voltage signal output. 5, pressure sensor and transmitter shell generally need grounding, signal cable shall not be mixed with the power cable laying, sensor and transmitter there should avoid strong electromagnetic interference. Sensor and transmitter in use should be periodic verification as stipulated in the industry. 6, users in the selection pressure sensor and transmitter, should fully understand the condition of pressure measurement system, reasonable choice according to need, make the system work in. In good condition and can reduce the project cost. 7, through spacer and components on both sides of the filling liquid to measure the diaphragm. Measuring diaphragm and on both sides of the insulation on the electrodes of a capacitor. Check once a week 8, pressure transmitter, requirement, inspection once a month, main is to clear the dust inside the instrument, the electrical components inspection earnestly, the output current value always proofread, internal pressure transmitter is low, must be separated from high voltage with the outside world.
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