How many production lines does Kaidi run?
Since establishment, Guangdong Kaidi Energy Technology Co., Ltd. has built more advanced production lines to meet the needs of more customers. The entire production line is an integral part of the sequence operations performed by the factory, where raw materials are placed through the refining process to create a complete level transmitter . We have the most innovative global manufacturing facilities to improve the production process and better meet the needs of our customers.

Kaidi is a well-known Chinese manufacturer with excellent manufacturing capabilities, product portfolio, and global reach. Our main product is level gauge flapper roller rail. We will show you the level gauge components series that is most popular with customers. KAIDI smart temperature transmitter stands out in the market thanks to its humanized design. It is created based on the combined concept of features of human cleaning action and maneuverability. This product has a wide range of operating temperatures. The product features the desired safety. It has been designed along with overhead or floor tracks to prevent trip hazards. Its power ratings can be customized e based on requests.

Kaidi will work strenuously to give you the best product and service. Welcome to visit our factory!
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