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Kaidi KD-CWDZ15 High Precision Temperature Transmitter -50℃~300℃ For Liquid

Kaidi KD-CWDZ15 High Precision Temperature Transmitter -50℃~300℃  For Liquid

Kaidi KD-CWDZ15 High Precision Temperature Transmitter -50℃~300℃  For Liquid
  • Kaidi KD-CWDZ15 High Precision Temperature Transmitter -50℃~300℃  For Liquid
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Kaidi KD-CWDZ15 High Precision Temperature Transmitter -50℃~300℃ For Liquid
Widely used in various industrial fields
Measuring Range:
Protection Grade:
Standard IP65/Flameproof IP66/ Intrinsically Safe IP65/Dust Intrinsically Safe IP66
Process Temperature:
Explosion proof certification:
Flameproof Ex d IIC T6 Gb/ Intrinsically Safe Ex ia IIC Ga/Dust Intrinsically Safe Ex iaD 20 T80℃
Outer Covering:
304 stainless steel
Signal output
4~20mA/RS485(Standard Modbus-RTU protocol)
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CWDZ15 series temperature transmitter products use PT100 as the signal measuring element, and after automatic testing by computer, the zero point and sensitivity temperature compensation in a wide temperature range is carried out by the laser resistance trimming process. The amplifying circuit is located in the aluminum alloy shell, which converts the sensor signal into a standard output signal, which gives full play to the technical advantages of the sensor and makes the CWDZ15 series temperature transmitter have excellent performance. It is anti-interference, overload, small temperature drift, high stability, and has high measurement accuracy. It is an ideal temperature measurement instrument in the field of industrial automation.


▲ Widely used in various industrial fields


a)Wide voltage power supply, nonlinear correction, high precision

b)Small size, light weight, easy installation

c)Lightning protection, cut-off frequency interference design, strong anti-interference ability

d)Wiring reverse and over-voltage protection, current limiting protection  


Measuring medium: liquid, gas

Overall material:304 stainless steel

Protective tube material:304 stainless steel(contact)  

Process connection:304 stainless steel(contact)

Display shell:Die-cast aluminum

Display instrument head:ABS engineering plastic(digital tube display)

Overall weight:≈1kg

Casing weight: 120g(L=35mm)      130g(L=85mm)

                         140g(L=135mm)     150g(L=185mm)


Measuring range:-50℃~300℃

Supply voltage:12~36VDC

                         15~36VDC(With display)

                         24VDC  Intrinsically safe/dust intrinsically safe

Output signal:4~20mA/RS485(Standard Modbus-RTU protocol)

Measuring accuracy:0.5%FS

Ambient temperature:-40~85℃

Stable performance:±0.1%FS/year

Explosion proof type:Flameproof        Ex d IIC T6 Gb

                                    Intrinsically Safe   Ex ia IIC Ga

                                    Dust Intrinsically Safe  Ex iaD 20 T80

Note: Intrinsically safe must be powered by a barrier or an intrinsically safe power supply

Protection grade : Standard     IP65

                               Flameproof   IP66

                              Intrinsically Safe  IP65

Dust Intrinsically Safe  IP66

Note: The above protection level refers to the level achieved after the electrical connection is complete.

Anti-seismic performance:10g(20....2000Hz)

Working conditions: ambient temperature(-40~85℃)

                                  ambient humidity(0%~95%RH No condensation, No condensation)

Pressure resistance:The pressure on the thermal protection tube varies with the length (see figure below)


Response time:18S(without casing)    55S(with casing)

                      (If you need to improve the response speed, you can add a thermal medium into the case)

  (Comply with IEC6075, 0.4/S water flow, 10℃ step)

Medium flow rate: The maximum medium flow rate that the protection tube is subjected to decreases with the increase of the insertion depth(as shown in the figure below)

Maximum power: current type(≤0.02Us (W))

 digital type(≤0.015Us (W))

 Note: Us=supply voltage  

Load characteristics:current load≤{(Us-9)/0.02(Us=Supply voltage)}Ω 

Our technical team will check your specifications and make a best solution for you.


More  Model available for all appication, different termperture and pressure!

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