Flammable and explosive medium of high temperature and high pressure is measured with a magnetic flap the level and distribution

by:KAIDI     2021-01-12
Magnetic flap liquid level meter is developed according to the principle of buoyancy and magnetic coupling effects. Its basic principle is to be measured in a container liquid level fluctuation, the tube of the magnetic float level gauge ontology is lifting, float within the magnetic steel by magnetic coupling to a magnetic column indicator, driven column turn red, white, double column level when it rises from white to red, when the liquid level drops from red to white, double column level indicator at the junction of the red and white for the inside of a container of actual height, so as to realize level clear instructions. Magnetic flap level gauge can achieve high sealing, leakage protection, and is suitable for high temperature and high pressure, corrosion resistance of the occasion. For high temperature and high pressure, poisonous and harmful, strong corrosive medium more show its superiority. Direct contact with the media, floating ball seal to strict, cannot measure the viscous medium. Magnetic materials such as demagnetization associated level gauge can't work normally flap easily stuck, cause not far eastone instructions. Magnetic materials such as demagnetization associated level gauge can't work normally. A lot of people at the mention of magnetic level gauge will immediately think of turning its security is very reliable, does not need to directly in the face of some harmful toxic substances, also need not contact, can real-time monitoring and recording, it is no wonder that so popular. So excellent magnetic level gauge, turning it industry will certainly, at the same time, its measuring range is big, and can ensure the whole process of measurement without blind area, it is a lot of equipment. So now a lot of high temperature and high pressure, inflammable and explosive liquid medium measuring magnetic sight level gauge turning tend to exist. Magnetic level gauge is the distinctive features of liquid medium and turning indicator is completely isolated, so that in all cases to monitor its safety measurement. Magnetic flap at the same time, the liquid level meter is enough reliable, durable enough, can also realize the alert level lower limit on the offside, provide remote control and record. It can be used for all kinds of tower, tank slot, spherical vessel and boiler equipment such as medium level detection. Use it as some have strong corrosive, poisonous and harmful substances testing meter is appropriate. Plus itself, reading is more intuitive design, these are very good to let the magnetic flap liquid level meter in a variety of liquid level detection work like a duck to water. When the magnetic flap far eastone level gauge is equipped with remote meter need to do the following several: ( 1) , should make remote meter close to the level meter led tubes, and stainless steel hoop fixed ( Disable the iron) ; ( 2) , remote meter on induction surface should be oriented and close to the leading tube; ( 3) , remote meter should be zero and zero level gauge instructions at the same level; ( 4) , far eastone matching between the instrument and display instrument or industrial attachment good wear protection pipe laying alone or in combination with block 2 core cable laying; ( 5) , junction box into the hole after laying, which requires good seal, so as to avoid the rain, moisture intrusion and make the remote transmission meter does not work, after the completion of the junction box in maintenance or commissioning should be covered in a timely manner. Magnetic level gauge turning against industry need not, its use range is very wide, the user can also according to the effect when choosing magnetic level gauge turning different optional alarm and transmitter, specific can consult embellish instrument technology co. , LTD. , engineer, our engineer can with professional service for you to find more suitable for equipment, let instrumentation can play in the production of big effect.
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