The principle of guided wave radar level gauge

by:KAIDI     2021-01-25
Guided wave radar is based on the forming principle time measuring instrument, radar wave running at the speed of light, running time can be transformed into material level signal by electronic parts. Probe and a high frequency pulse propagation along the cable, when the pulse in the material surface reflected by the receiver inside the instrument, and the distance signal is transformed into material level signal. Guided wave radar level meter principle characteristics reflected pulse signal along the cable passes to instrumentation electronic circuit parts, microprocessor to signal processing, identify the microwave pulse in boring surface produced by the echo. Correct echo signal recognition by intelligent software to complete, distance material on the surface of the distance D is proportional to the pulse of time travel T; D = CXT / 2, where C is the speed of light for the distance of the empty cans E known, the level L for; L = E - D output by entering empty cans height E ( = zero) , full tank height F ( = full scale) And some applications to set parameters, application parameters will be automatically adapt instrument to measure the environment. Corresponding to the four - 20 ma output. Guided wave radar level meter USES editor guided wave radar level meter used in water tank, acid and alkali storage tank, the slurry storage tank, solid particles and small oil tanks. All kinds of conductive, non conductive medium, and corrosive medium. Such as coal, ash storehouse, oil tank, acid tank, etc. Guided wave radar level meter using note guided wave radar level gauge of attention to the requirement of installation space has certain medium dielectric constant, and select suitable model according to the size of the dielectric constant of the guided wave radar level meter features 1. Can measure the dielectric constant is greater than or equal to any media. 2. Commonly used for measuring the viscosity & le; 500 CST and not easy to produce adhesive medium. 3. Bar type radar maximum range can reach 6 meters. 4. With steam and foam has a strong inhibition, measurement is not affected. 5. For the relatively small dielectric constant liquid materials can adopt double sheath maerial type measuring method, good in order to ensure the accuracy of the measuring accuracy.
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