The food industry in the use of magnetic flap must pay attention to the selection and installation point of liquid level meter

by:Kaidi Sensors     2020-07-04
Level measurement is also an important measure for the food industry, food industry is used in the manufacturing process of the production of various kinds of liquid materials, such as all kinds of wine, fruit juice, food additive, etc. , will also be processed into a variety of large amount of liquid food products, the loading container in the raw materials and processing finished products, need to be precise volume calculation as a production control and sales settlement data, so we need a suitable for their liquid level measuring instrument and means. Embellish of the instrument is a * * of liquid level instrument production enterprise, in the users of our cooperation, there are a large number of enterprises in the food processing industry. For food of the liquid level and flow measurement, we have accumulated a wealth of experience. Recommend to you today is used for food grade of magnetic level gauge turning level measurement. Magnetic level gauge is already turning industrial production, in fact, a very common type of used in level measurement instrument. Such as petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical and other industries are widely used, this is a can be used in many fields and the development of instrument equipment. Magnetic flap liquid level gauge by ontology, frame box ( Consists of red, white double color small magnetic flap) , float, flange cover, etc, used for all kinds of liquid level measurement of the vessel. Magnetic flap liquid level gauge can be used for high temperature, explosion-proof, anti-corrosion, food and beverage, etc, according to level of on-site or remote display and control. AL501 series magnetic level gauge can achieve high sealing and leakage protection and turning in high temperature and high pressure, high viscosity, strong corrosion resistance under the condition of safe and reliable to measure the liquid level, the whole process of measurement without blind area, display, intuitive readings, and large measuring range, with liquid level alarm, control switches, which can realize liquid level alarm and control or the position of the upper and lower limits, deserve to go up SP series liquid level transmitter can be water. The position signal into two wire 4 ~ 20 madc standard signal, realizing remote detection, indicating, recording, and control. Magnetic flap liquidometer classification is less, according to the installation method is divided into side and the top two, according to the material is divided into 304, 316, PVC, 304, four fluorine several lining winery in general stainless steel material is ok, the other so-called health type big connection mode, is the feature of the ordinary is flange connection, type health generally use clamp connection, convenient disassembly cleaning disinfection treatment at any time. Also has a direct use flange connection, according to the using environment, occasion and pressure conditions, and so on. Magnetic flap to be aware of what time is: material, the proportion of float, according to the temperature, pressure, correct selection, determine the good range - - - - - - - Is that the space rather than the height of tank flange. The hope can help you, magnetic liquid level products, is a historic turning itself technical content is relatively high, classification is also not many, pay attention to the selection of attention to the problem of material quality float. Such as wine industry selection of magnetic flap level gauge can choose type 316 l stainless steel sanitary products, can also choose four fluorine lining type related models. Note: 1, level meter, especially pay attention to when using, don't use strong magnet pull float up and down outside the pipe inspection. Otherwise it will cause the magnetization of the magnetic float but change polarity, make even float magnetic abate, so difficult to work properly. 2, magnetic level gauge field putting-in-service proactively, turning to pay special attention to should be opened the upper gate, after open the lower gate valve. Glass tube liquid level meter which is due to the level of protection float at the bottom of the pipe thrust spring, otherwise, the role of big differential pressure may be crashing float liquid level gauge can't use. 3, if the scene caused by transportation or other reasons instructions with sealed glass tube rupture, usable domestic glass tube replaced. But good to vacuum. 4, when choosing the Ann type liquid level meter, especially pay attention to the level gauge and safety grid impedance match. Because of the level meter power supply voltage of 14. 5 - 36 VDC, less than 14 of general transmitter. 5 - 45 VDC, so can't work normally when the load is bigger. After 5, magnetic level gauge calibration is normal, turning putting-in-service proactively find float at a particular location in a period of time & quot; Absorb & quot; Phenomenon. This is mainly the level through the steel platform installation, with steel plate too close. Therefore, we need to through the steel platform installation need to pay special attention to the level of pipe wall and platform cutting line spacing. 6, field calibration float up and down occasionally found in flexible enough. This is mostly due to improper installation, magnetic level gauge at this time whether should pay attention to the center of the upper and lower flange turning in a line, whether with horizontal vertical. In general, and the horizontal Angle of not less than 87 degrees, if the deviation is bigger, may impact the float move smoothly. 7, magnetic level gauge putting-in-service proactively turning after a period of time, a float to float and float move is not flexible. This is largely because of magnetic float was matted with iron filings or other contaminants. Can be emptying medium first, and then remove the float, eliminate some iron filings on magnetic float or other contaminants. In this paper by embellish instrument technology co. , LTD. Arrange release.
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