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How to install the Float Level Switch?

How to install the Float Level Switch?


Float level switch (level controller) is operated by means of lever and magnetic coupling principle. When the level of the controlled liquid reaches the level switch set point, the level controller generates a switch action and sends "on" or "off" contact information. The liquid level float switch and the corresponding external circuit or DCS, PLC system, can realize the remote alarm and control of liquid level.

Now the switch device is more flexible, floating ball switch, is really convenient and fast, very worry. So how is the water float switch installed?

1.The installation position should be far away from the water inlet, otherwise the switch will cause malfunction due to the fluctuation of the water inlet.

2. If the switch device is on the wall of the container pool, l-shaped Angle steel bracket can be added.

3. If the switch device is located in the mixing area, anti-wave tube or anti-wave baffle can be installed.

4. Select a flanged joint whose inner diameter of the pipe should be greater than the diameter of the float ball.

5. It is recommended to use multi-core cables.

6. The load of the controlled line must match the capacity of the stainless steel float switch contact.

7. The specific gravity of the tested liquid must be greater than that of the floating ball.

8. The action point of the floating ball has been adjusted before delivery as required by the customer. Please do not adjust the position of the floating ball at will.

When the float level transmitter is used in the circuit with inductive load, such as motors, relays, screw pipe rings, it is recommended to protect the circuit in parallel at both ends of the load. Such as: RC (buffer), rheostat, diode, etc. 

Note: Do not connect the float switch directly to the solenoid valve, motor or electromagnetic switch.

When the float level switch is used in capacities loads such as capacitors, hot bulbs, long cables and so on, a surge current will be generated between the contacts of the switch. It is recommended to protect the circuit in parallel at both ends of the mini float switch, such as current-limiting resistor or surge absorb-er.

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