Reveal the tiny ultrasonic sensor characteristics and the application prospect of ultrasonic measuring instrument

by:Kaidi Sensors     2020-09-18
According to the news from the researchers in the UK, the ultrasonic flowmeter in the world in the UK, the product shape is so small, even can line up in a human hair. If the news is true, then the research achievements in the future will be widely used in the micro environment of exploration inside the cell. R&d team belongs to the university of Nottingham in the day said a communique, the school applied optics research team created this kind of miniature ultrasonic sensors. It is much smaller than the existing ultrasonic sensors, 500 along the sensors will reach the width of a human hair. Although the appearance of tiny, but its function can be weak, not at all at the same time, with ultrasonic wave and optical properties, features when they perceive ultrasonic tiny deformation, the laser illuminated by this deformation can be detected, thus obtain ultrasonic information; On the other hand, if it send a laser pulse, it can also be stimulated to emit ultrasonic, detecting the target object. Engaged in the study researchers matt & middot; Clark said, the rise of nanotechnology has brought the need for miniature ultrasonic probe, they develop new equipment will be ultrasonic detection technology has been generalized to the nanoscale. People are familiar with medical examination, ultrasonic application of this new type of equipment can be used inside of a cell ultrasound, provide the past hard to obtain physiological information. In addition, the resolution of the ultrasonic sensor is high, it used the frequency of the acoustic frequency beyond the visible light, so in theory it can get more clear than good optical microscope images. With the rapid progress of ultrasonic technology, ultrasonic applications in many fields has a breakthrough, commonly used in medical diagnosis, in the field of ultrasonic diagnosis has now become the indispensable diagnosis method in clinical medicine. Due to the penetration of the liquid and solid by the ultrasonic power is very big, especially in the opaque solid, it can penetrate tens of metres in depth. And in the encounter impurities or interface can produce significant reflection form into echo, touching the moving objects can produce doppler effect. Therefore they are widely used in industry, national defense, biomedicine, etc. Ultrasonic distance sensor can be widely used in the material level ( Liquid level) Monitoring, by using the principle of ultrasonic time difference type. Now ultrasonic flowmeter in the pipeline flow measurement and measurement of open channel flow also has a large number of applications. Included in the robot collision avoidance, all kinds of ultrasonic proximity switch, as well as the anti-theft alarm, etc also has been put into use in the product. Of work on the basis of the principle of ultrasonic measurement equipment, and its reliable operation, easy installation, waterproof, emission Angle is small, high sensitivity, convenient and industrial display instrument connection, also provide launch Angle larger probe. Specific application areas are currently has the following several aspects: one, the ultrasonic sensor to detect the state of container. Install the ultrasonic sensor in the plastic melt cans or plastic pellet chamber at the top, to emit sound waves inside the container, can on the basis of analyzing the state of the container, such as full or empty or half full. Second, the ultrasonic sensor can be used for detection of transparent objects, liquid, any table is rough, smooth, fine and close of light materials and irregular objects. But is not suitable for outdoor objects, heat or pressure tank and foam. Three, ultrasonic sensor can be used in the food processing plants, plastic packaging test of closed loop control system. Together with the new technology can be in damp ring such as a bottle washer, noise environment, extremely severe changes the environment temperature, etc. ( 1] Four, ultrasonic sensor can be used in the detection of liquid level, transparent objects and materials, control tension, and measuring distance, mainly for the packaging, bottle making, material move inspection of coal equipment, plastic processing and automobile industry etc. Ultrasonic sensor can be used for process monitoring to enhance quality, testing, determine the presence of five, the ultrasonic sensor used for pipeline and other ways of liquid and gas flow measurement, open channel flow measurement. ( In this paper, published by the embellish of instrument science and technology co. , LTD. )
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