Pressure transducer in the principle and application of city flood water level alarm

by:KAIDI     2021-02-12
Accurate measuring method at present, in a variety of liquid level meter, the selection of liquid level sensor to carry out precisely measure the water line has many advantages. For example, in the instance of big cities in the tunnel construction the rain well water level and well depth, liquid level sensor defecate more reasonable the water level sensor alarm system. Today, Chinese provinces all-round into the cover, high temperature and rainy, powerful typhoon lightning on a high incidence of strong convective weather, the city flood control pressure surge. In order to establish an intelligent flood control and precise detection, the use of a variety of sensing technology has become increasingly diversified. Today, the sensor authoritative expert network make it for you in detail the application of liquid level sensor detection method in water level detection alarm. Mechanical and electrical engineering staff management information system of green cross tunnel construction in electric power energy and operational management method, data diagram sensor booster wuxi intelligent flood control the rainy weather, drive afraid to say after torrential rain is low-lying land roads are very memory water in tunnel construction. In wuxi, where the green cross tunnel construction earlier product * * hair road is always rainy day. Since late 2016, adapted the mechanical and electrical engineering staff management information system, security through the cover, base not produced water problem. According to statistics, the system software service platform according to sensors, surveillance camera pump room, sub-station key equipment such as computer room of the statistics information content. In the construction of the system software slip, to solve the continuous heavy rain, wuxi municipal units opened up rainfall warning system, flood, the flood in the 60 points on precipitation pipeline sensors to monitor equipment. If the rain in the well water level beyond the police line, immediately release early warning information system software, clerk, super news field can solve. Depending on the service platform, technical advisory staff can read real-time monitoring and control system, in the mobile terminal in a query. Blue cross of tunnel construction, for example, south of pump room, the water rose to 1. 7 meters of height to width ratio will automatic starting a pump, to 1. 6 m will be starting 2 pump, to 1. 9 meters will start high water level alarm, water level down to zero. 6 meters will automatic stop pump. On April 18, 2019, the liquid level sensor is invalid alarm warning system some point, after receiving the alarm, the clerk to solve, find that the original is the sludge sticks to the liquid level sensor, the worker clean the sensor cleaning, captured operation flow images uploaded to the system software, and so on service platform can see all the solving steps. Liquid level meter described from a variety of precision measuring method using the instance, the people can find, liquid level sensor can be used to cover big cities at present stage water level alarm work. So, liquid level sensor is how to build water level detection alarm? People know, liquid level meter is at ordinary times and actually manufacture often run into the category of the precise measurement. There were many measurement method of liquid level meter, the commonly used mechanical equipment buoy type, statics type, magnetic type, ultrasonic type, laser type. For accurate measurement, the basic principles of when adopting agile and regulations to carry out the selection based on accurate measurement and the circumstances. At least, it contains described application scenario instance level gauge accurate method for measuring liquid level sensor, the accurate measurement method are commonly used accurate measuring method of the liquid level meter. WoMeng understanding, liquid level sensor is the main purpose of the most immediate of gas, liquid pressure or pressure to carry out the accurate measurement, but just a little use associated with liquid high fluid pressure, and its liquid level sensor in order to accurate measurement of liquid level meter. The basic principle of liquid level sensor, liquid level meter detection in quantum mechanics, liquid gas pressure P by the associated decisions: P = & rho; gh。 In view of the same liquid, the liquid density & rho; Uniform motion, therefore, the liquid gas pressure and liquid level height to width ratio of h (P Distance between liquid level height to width ratio) Proportional linearly dependent. Thus it is not hard to see, different ratio of liquid level gauge surface in gas pressure are also different. Liquid level sensor, water level detection method plan, data diagram as shown in figure, in the selection of liquid level sensor and accurate measurement of liquid level meter, temperature transmitter will according to the liquid level sensor is installed on the bottom of the tank. When jar level changed a lot, liquid level height to width ratio is equal to the tank bottom spacing h together also in transition, nature gas pressure will as the shift, which is more than the purpose for accurate measurement. The water level sensor detection to some extent, the advantages of liquid level sensor can accurately measure is located in the machinery and equipment of liquid caused by pressure or weight, they can be felt is tapping sensor, not active sensors, active sensors such as ultrasound and radar sensors, they actively output to level accurate measurement data signal.
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