How much about anticorrosive put type liquid level transmitter everyone understand

by:KAIDI     2021-01-31
SC- 500 series anticorrosive input the principle of liquid level transmitter is: in the measured liquid static pressure proportional to the height of the liquid, it USES the insulation of the foreign advanced the piezoresistive effect of diffuse silicon sensor, static pressure is converted into electrical signals, then the standard electrical signals for temperature compensation and the linear correction ( Usually 4 - 20 ma) Cady, Beijing is a company specializing in the production of anti-corrosion liquid level transmitter manufacturers, independent research and development, quality excellent, the next factory engineers how to say: listen to the anti-corrosion transfeeder anti-corrosion liquid level transmitter is suitable for a variety of different media industry level of actual measurement, with excellent structure, adjustment is simple, flexible installation, practical advantages. 0 - 10 ma, such as standard signal output. At the same time, through the flow of gas to liquid pressure stainless steel I introduce sensor positive pressure cavity, and then connect the liquid level of the atmospheric pressure Po to sensor of negative pressure cavity, to compensate the Po at the back of the sensor, made on the measuring pressure sensor, obviously, by measuring the depth of the pressure P can be level. Corrosion in the debug method of liquid level transmitter is unscrewed the mask, and then see the zero and full scale resistance, external standard power and current meter ( 0. More than 2) And then to adjust. Steps are as follows: when there is no liquid in the transmitter, adjust the zero resistance, make the output current is 4 ma, mixer will transmitter to full scale, adjust the full scale resistance make the output current to 20 ma, after adjustment, tighten the protection cover. Anti-corrosion liquid level transmitter use note: all products delivered have instructions and certificates, including product number, technical parameters, such as delivery date. Check carefully to avoid misuse. In strict accordance with my company's management instructions on power supply. If there are any abnormal, in use process should be immediately cut off the power to stop using, quick check, or directly contact our technical department. In the process of transportation and storage, must restore the original packaging, and stored in low temperature, dry and ventilated warehouse. 18 months warranty.
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